Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 2015 wrap

Hello, dollies!
With the way things look, it would seem like I have not been giving the shop
some love.
Totally not true, my loves!
Your Shasha had been working like crazy
but didn't get to let you know via even a single post because,
crazy busy, was because LOL!

Anywhooo, I have tracked my phone hoping
to remember what had happened between now and the last post.

On the week of July 6, I got tempted to get these girls.

I love these new faces but I haven't scheduled a decent photoshoot for them yet..

The ankle-articulated gal can stand on her own! Awesome!

Of course, Portia grabs the articulated body for trial. I think she's liking it.

Kira arrived that week, too! 
You could imagine my dolly excitement that week.

On the second week, I worked on a romper that gave me a hard time.
I've never had this much challenge in a pattern ever but oh, well..
You need to level up your skills, right?..

Portia on a bed of failed prototypes...
I almost gave up on this romper after a week of trying.
But I learned a few things during those dark, sad atelier hours.

First, don't settle on your next available fabric.
Yes, the color may be perfect but in this case,
the fabric is just too soft and slippery. It frays so easily, too.
But I was still the hardheaded one that I am,
despite my husband telling me to move on to the next project,
and just work on it again with a much more appropriate material.
I dedicated the entire week developing the romper prototype, 
and fortunately came up with a pattern that I have used the succeeding week.

Here is the final prototype, in a new fabric.
I tried it on several ladies willing to show their messy bedroom hair
to the public.

I think the prototype fits these girls okay:

Kei on a Poppy Parker body
Barbie Fashionista Bree

Dynamite Girl Sunny
Bride of Dracula Tessa

These two busty ladies, though may not be good models for this design.
But they were nice enough to try it on =)


As for this week, I had been developing something that is top secret for now.

Til then, loves!


  1. Hello from spain: congratulations. I like a lot your new dolls. Fabulous looks. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you, Marta...Those two new Barbie dolls are super cute - and the 80's Kira is just so calming... Kira's skin is a bit orangey-tan so I don't have an articulated body for her yet.. Until then, she will still be in that sundress..

  2. Some great new dolls!

    Maybe this is odd, but I feel like that photo with the failed prototypes almost looks like something that could be a 3D installation in a modern art museum.

    1. Tee-hee... thanks, jSarie.. I actually liked the way you interpret the photo!

  3. I know you had to work hard on the multiple prototypes, but I love the end result! The pink romper is really cute. Congrats on getting your new Fashionista ladies!

    1. Thanks, Phyllis! Even before those light pink prototypes, there were three that were in the different fabric - stretchy and heavy - absolutely not appropriate... I kind of saw the light when I used the pattern to this peachy pink light crepe fabric - it felt awesome =D

  4. Hi Shasha! Great new dollies! The romper is so cute, all the hard work and frustration was obviously worth it!!! xx

    1. I agree, because I've learned so much from all the ordeal hahaha.. Thanks much, Linda!

  5. Oh how I can relate. It does the right fabric and patience to sew in this scale. The romper turned out great. I hope to find beautiful fabric soon. I still have three pair of your leggings to make over here, lol.

    1. Thanks so much, Brini.. Let us know how your legging went, okies? By the way, I also had a simple romper tutorial back in September 2013 I believe so you might wanna check it once your leggings are done! Hugs!

  6. I love the pink and black romper. So cute! My hats are off to you for being so persistent.

    1. Thanks so much, Vanessa! I never thought I would persist this long, too! I guess when you believe in something, it becomes as worthy as the lessons you have learned during the pursuit - whether they yield the desired results or not.

  7. Congrats on your new dolls.

    The romper is cute. I love the color choice.

    By the way, I am dropping by to let you know I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. See the specifics at the URL

    or here.


    1. Thank you so so much again for nominating me, Deb! I remember having been nominated by you a couple of years ago and I am truly honored!

      I have read your post on the mechanics, and I will be answering them as soon as possible while I list down all the 10 other bloggers I will nominate!

      Thanks so much and I truly appreciate it to be on your nominees' list!



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