Monday, August 24, 2015

Customizing Doll Makeup

Hello, dollies!

I recently removed the pink lips and eye shadows on Sue (Dynamite Girl Aria Checkmates).

Sue in her factory eye shadow and lipstick
Although I missed the fun colors,
I'm loving the more mature look in her now.

Sue in her no-make up makeup
 The procedure I used is pretty much the same with what everyone is doing.
But I heavily relied on tips from this talented Youtuber,
You should check her out if you're serious with doll repainting.

Removal of makeup:
Using an acetone-based nail polish remover,
I wiped off Sue's eye shadows and lips.

A very important note though:
I haven't really done enough practice before this
so I am not confident with my skills to paint with precise brush strokes.
I covered her eyebrows with masking tape so
that the acetone won't rub them off as well.

For her nude eye shadows and lips:

I pulled out my dusty old art supplies.

Neglected art supplies used for this doll makeup
For eye shadows, I used some olive soft pastels
using my No. 2 brush.
I just applied
like regular makeup - concentrating
on the outer part of the eyelids
for a smoky-sexy look.

For her lips, I first traced the middle horizontal cut,
as well as some of the vertical lip "cracks" with my
red watercolor pencil. Make sure to sharpen the pencil to a very pointy yet firm end.
(Sorry I don't know how to call those vertical lines on the lips
but you probably already get the idea).

Then I dusted through burnt sienna and burnt umber combo
for her lips. 

For her cheeks, I lightly dusted some burnt sienna
through the apples. Not very noticeable in the photos, though.

Nude makeup as it seems
So that was it.. Nothing too special in the procedure
but I have always been a fan of nude makeup.

I will probably be doing more of this makeup removal
projects in the future. I surely will share
all my adventures here with you guys =)

What do you think about it?

Did I miss any important step that might have improved
the results?

Let's chat!  

XOXO, shasha


  1. I love the new look. Not only does she look more mature her face looks more confident. Great job!

    1. Oh, thanks, grandmommy... I agree with the confidence gesture =)

  2. Oh, wow - it's brilliant how such a seemingly small change can make such a dramatic different in her look!

    1. True that, jSarie... these dolls already have great bone structure, they just need a few changes to have attitude! =D

  3. She looks much better! I like the natural look very much, especially her lips. Great job!!! Did you seal the new make-up or is that not necessary? I ask because I did a face-up on a BJD once and sealed it with MSC, but I'm not sure if this is always necessary. Anyway, you should do this more often, it looks cool and very pretty :-).
    PS: I didn't get to answer your questions yet (from previous post), but hope to make time soon, they are very interesting! Hugs xxx

    1. Oh, yeah.. the sealing part... I totally missed mentioning why I did't seal it... The reason I skipped it is because I want to change makeup often, depends on the outfit they are wearing or the activities they are going for =) It's like I'm their makeup artist, too!

      No rush on the questions, dear... I believe the very purpose of it is to really get to know the people behind our community and hobbies so there's no deadline for it =) Thanks so much again =D

  4. The nude lips look great! I like her better this way. I wanted to do this to some of male dolls, so this post is perfect! Thanks for sharing the YouTube link.

    1. Awesome! Yes, I see some male dolls sport scary pink lips! Nyahhaha!

  5. You're so brave! Sue looks great now! I'm not confident enough yet to try to repaint a doll, but I'm dying to get my hands on a cheap Howleen doll to reroot her hair.

    Greetings from Spain.

    1. Hey, you guys! Thanks so much for the kind words..

      I also would wanna do some reroot on my recently salvaged Barbies so I would definitely check out your blog for tips!


  6. Hello from Spain: I really like your tutorial. Great tips.. I like very much with nude lips. Very pretty girl. Keep in touch.

    1. Hey hey, Marta... I'm glad you enjoy my sort of tutorial - I really wish I could've added information to what you guys already have... Thank you so much!

      The nude lip really rocks, eh?


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