Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dressing Up or Down a Romper

Hey hey!

Finally made the time to take photos of my latest creations.
For some reason, I felt so light and happy
while I was already editing the photos.

Today, I'm sharing with you, as promised,
a photo shoot with my two newest girls,
Luna and Ella.

And they will be modeling the romper I had been meaning
to list at the shop for weeks now.

Luna and Ella =)

For Luna, we are dressing down the romper with accessories
perfect for a nice brunch with the family.

the works!

And she goofs off in between those serious camera shots =)
Now, are you ready for Ella?
I like her name because my son suggested it.
I ran out of dolly names so I asked the little dude.
I surprised him with the question and
he blurted out, "Ella"!

For Ella, we are dressing up the romper so she gets ready
for a night out with her girlfriends =)

I have mentioned before that the new Barbie Style flat-ankled body
can stand on its own, but without the shoes.
This time, standing with her flat tennis shoes on,
it was not possible without
leaning on a wall or......

my old, used up kneading eraser
(the gray ones behind the shoes).

I believe I have borrowed this idea from
I think he used Blu Tack for his doll photography.

I think these girls have lots of potential to model my future creations, too!
What do you think?

I hope you liked the photos and the new girls.
Drop by and let's chat =)

s h a s h a


  1. Your new ladies look quite lovely in your new creation.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa.. I think I kinda thought of them too while designing this romper =)

  2. Very cute romper and such a pretty color.

    1. I agree, Brini.. You wouldn't know that it was the second-choice =)

  3. I love this romper! It looks very nice for the nightlife. Your work is totally awesome!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Vickey... I had real fun digging through my dolly accessories and come up with two different looks!

  4. Very cute romper - I love the way the black details look on that colour! :)

    1. I agree, jSarie! But would you know that fabric/color was just second choice? I have initially chosen a baby pink for that romper but found the fabric too slippery and thus hard to work on! I ended up with this nice fabric and I'm so glad it turned out great!


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