Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bree goes to a Doll Meetup!

Hey hey, dollies!

Finally, me and one of the girls were able to
attend a doll day/meetup recently.
It was so much fun that I
wasn't able to take a lot of photos!

Bree received these sweet doughnuts from the sweetest Jenny =)

There's Jenny to the leftmost with her Pullip and Dal dolls and super cute bedroom diorama =)
This was organized by Bubbles, the one in white shirt in the above photo.
We held it in a small pastry shop in a mall.
Kudos for making it happen, Bubbles!

Then there's Deejay and Bubbles... 
It was fun because the theme was bring a doll or dolls 
wearing fashions that would best represent you, the collector.

My Bree is in shorts and tees and totes - pretty much me.
The rest of the dolls, as you can see, are as fabulous as their humans!

Now the fun starts! For Bree! Yikes!
Since Bree (and all my girls) haven't met men in all their lives just yet,
here is Bree, apparently soooo fascinated by this other creature.
In the photo above are Lovely, Bubbles and Astro Pabs.

Now, now, young lady....
It's quite a fun mix of doll collectors that day.

We had Mattel dolls,
Integrity Toys Fashion Royalty, Dynamite Girls, Nuface, FR Homme,
Pullips, Dal and Taeyang, 
Blythes and Liccas,
and many more I was not able to take photos of.
I know - learned my doll meetup lesson now...
Tee hee..

It was also great sharing tips and tricks to be
able to survive in this crazy world they call doll collecting =D

And the baby is now a lady.
Gone is Bree. Call me Briana.

I should get used to this... or maybe I should get me
a few Kens or FR Hommes,
just so my girls don't get too eager
when they see boys at doll days.

What do you think?
How are your doll days over there at your side of the world, guys?
Let's chat!



  1. Awesome! I'm so happy for you and even happier for Bree. No one should go through life without men around! Nice to see the other collectors and their dolls. Bree's outfit was so cute. Love those shorts.

    1. Tee hee... Now I have to start making budget to get me some boys... Sigh, I just realized the importance now hahhaha My poor gals...

      Yes, it was really great to chitchat with soul sisters and brothers and never have to mind if the other person is judging you about your passion about dolls haha!

      I like the shorts a lot, too... I gotta get to finding that same soft (enough for dollies) denim fabric soon to restock as I have been getting requests recently.. =)

  2. Love the scene and agree with Vanessa, Bree's outfit is super cute. My girls are in Ken heaven over here, LOL. I've got all Pivotal Ken's minus Harley Davidson gift set guy but luckily...Mattel will drop two new guys from the MockingJay movie. I will definitely be getting those. :-)

    1. I and my girls envy you and your girls for all the Ken party over there!

      I should really start saving up and looking for at least a few to keep the gals happy.. And Mockingjay boys? Hmmmm I would love me some not-too Ken-looking boys such as those movie-themed sculpts... Good luck with your Ken hunting, my dear and please fill us in with the details of your adventure soon =)

  3. Beware of Hommes Shasha, they are addicting! I started getting one because the girls felt lonely and now I've got more boys than girls and I've been completely sucked into male fashions!
    The pictures of the Meetup are great, you must have had a lot of fun

    1. Yikes! But I'm sure the scarcity of Hommes (or their distributors) here in my country just might help control it? LOL!

      Yes, the meetup was super fun.. We are scheduling our next in one of the collectors' house... That would be triple the fun for sure...

  4. Ha, I think you are obligated now to get your girls a boy ;-D! The meet-up looks like a great event. Those doughnuts look really tasty and well-made!

    1. Hey, Linda... I know.. Actually it was me who was wanting boy models for a long time now.. it's just that those girls are more irresistible...

  5. The pastries look yummy, and the dolls look well dressed. (Bree er Briana looks good in those shorts and happy meeting new people.)

    Hope you enjoy having guy dolls to your group. They do something special to the collection ;-)

    1. Hey D7ana... Oh, geez you guys are really encouraging me to get boys sooner... accckkkk... need to start setting aside some funds for them...

  6. It looks like you guys were having so much fun! Yes, get some boys. Your girls will be much happier with them around. Lol! Briana's outfit looks nice and comfortable.

    1. Boys, boys, boys... Need to budget, budget, budget.. LOL! Thanks, Georgia, Girl!

  7. This looks like it was such a fun meetup!

    And I love those sunglasses! :)

    1. Awww, thanks, jSarie.. those sunglasses were from the 2015 Barbie Fashionista Summer doll =)

  8. You sure look like you had a lot of fun!

    1. Tee-hee... We're having the next one soon as well so pretty excited about it!


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