Monday, September 21, 2015

Doll stuff organizing - I found a really nice stationary AND portable organizer!

Hey hey, guys...

So recently I went out to buy some home stuff.
While I was browsing for a serving dish at our local department store,
I found this!

Ta-dah! A three-stack craft organizer
And it only took less than a minute for me to bring it to the payment counter, LOL!

Because, number 1: 
It is see-through and very light, perfect for storage - stationary or mobile!

Second, because it easily snaps to remove the stack-able compartments.

Third, it has removable dividers! Just take out those easy-to-pull
dividers, depending on the length of your items to be stored.
Awesome, eh?

Fourth, it fits our sixth-scale dolls! Totally neat!

Fifth is since it's stack-able, you can add in more containers when necessary,
and just neatly store away things that don't get to be used often,
and grab away the top part for doll meet ups or photo shoots!

Each compartment is roughly 12.5 x 7 x 3 cubic in.
One covered compartment fits my utility tote bag perfectly!
It's so economical with its dimensions, so functional,
so perfect for my needs =)

I'll probably get more of these for my art supplies,
as well as other supplies cause it's so easy to store.

It's not that expensive for its value.
I got it for just about $10, yay!

Gone are the tool box days!

How about you, guys? What do you use to store your doll stuff on doll days
or outdoor/on location photo shoots?

Let's chat!

P.S. Yes, I bought that Ken doll, too... but I still don't have
plans or designs for him yet. He was just on a discounted price
being an old stock. =)


  1. Your new boy is great, and he seems articulated? The girls will be happy ;-D! That's a great box too, very handy! I use similar see-through plastic boxes for my doll stuff, and also black cardboard Ikea storage boxes for the shoes, purses and stuff like that. You did a good purchase, I'm sure you will be pleased with everything organized! Hugs xxx

    1. Oh, Linda... I'm sure this new boy will be treasured as he is my first =) I'm thinking of washing his hair tomorrow to know where I will start with his new look =) The girls haven't seen him yet.. so he has to be at least looking dashing before meeting them.

      I am really happy with being able to find something like this here in my town as I have been using tool boxes for on location photo shoots, or just wrapping my dollies in thick cloth to avoid breaking them.

      For stationary storing, it is also very convenient as it is see-through, has lots of removable dividers and has clean edges.

      I am again going to save up for another set of these tee-hee... You could feel me grinning as I write this because I am just so pleased... =D

  2. I would love to have something like that! You made a great purchase!

    1. Thank you, grandmommy! Yes, this is I think is one of the best weapons we doll collectors could ever need in our arsenal =D

  3. Aren't these stackables great! I've been using stackables for many years now. Mainly for craft stuff. Early this year I started using them more for the doll stuff. I use them for shoes and all the baby stuff. I like the dividers.

    1. I once toned my buying plastic down, due to environment issues. I love wood more.. But I noticed that the ones I keep actually were there for so many years now that I guess it wouldn't hurt much if I don't replace them very often.

      Finally, I have something so convenient to bring at doll days =D


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