Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hugs and rugs

Hey hey!

I have been thinking lately about the goals I set myself for the coming months
and realized I have forgotten that I only work alone. LOL!
I put too many tasks to accomplish
that there was a time I had been crying
to my husband because my mini endeavors weren't
going according to plan.

As I look back, I smile and resolve that
maybe I just need to work as the person that I am,
not the one I thought could do something more.
I think, by being myself working in my tiny endeavors,
I could do more and way better.

So I started my week scrambling into my fabric stash,
looking at my inventory of finished garments, connecting these two,
and coming up with something brilliant, I hope.

I can never really work when told what to do. I am that stubborn.
I can't even do what I am telling myself what to do. 

So the next morning, I asked myself,
what are the things that you can do today
that will make you feel accomplished and happy?
Something that won't feel so bad
if you hadn't completed the task within the day?
Something that you must have done,
has been calling you for a time now,
and that when you heed that call,
it will give you the peace of mind?

Clearly, I got excited with the "brilliant" new idea.
As I went to my fabric stash, one fabric stood out.
It's been sitting there for months now, along with the others.
The only difference is, the first time I saw it at the fabric store,
I already knew what to do with it.
But why didn't I push with doing it right away?
Because I was a responsible adult with
planned/scheduled tasks to do with my time.
And as I found out, it's painful to even accept it that way.

So, I went ahead with what I had in mind with this fabric 
and saw myself working quickly and much more effective
than I have ever been. I even had time to experiment
on what best ways to approach tiny challenges.
It felt so liberating.
I felt like an artist again...

That fabric, now a rug =)
In the coming months, I would probably be having creations
that are not as cohesive as I plan them to be.
But, I am sure that I will be happy.
And that's what is important.
That's always been the bottom line.

More photos here guys and I will be listing a few of these rugs 
on Etsy soon.

Since it has a rather strong contrast, I decided to make them in smaller sizes.

And oh, don't forget... we're still on 20% discount on all items
til the end of September so make sure you take advantage of this yearly
generous act of mine. LOL!



  1. Hello from Spain: I really like this room. Fabulous carpet. Great table. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta... Thanks much. The diorama is actually currently bare, I just added a few small items so I could take pictures of the rug... I appreciate it much.... Hugs!

  2. This rug is lovely! It's true, if you're happy, you will make great designs, don't get too much stress and enjoy your creativity, your designs are always original, well-made and beautiful :-). Hugs xxx

    1. Awww, thank you so much, Linda... It's been true all my life that for me to be really happy, I just let my inner voice rule me, at most 95%... Of course, we all have this crazy, often irresponsible side, and the remaining 5% will have to curb all that, to maintain a healthy, happier lifestyle =) Hugs back, my dear...


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