Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hand painting red lips on tote bags

Hi guys!

I recently unearthed some canvas tote bags
that had been in my "to-embellish" box for
quite some time now.

Since I was having a
"sketchy hand" today, and never felt like doing any sewing at all,
I took my fabric dye sticks and
hand-painted a few red lips unto these bags.

Red-lipped totes
I always have these days when I don't feel like
assembling parts into garments.
Yep, sewing I meant.

But oftentimes, the reason is I am physically tired. 

I met a couple of my closest pals yesterday
and had like 6 hours worth of chatting non-stop,
including about 2-3 hours of walking hahhaha!
It was super fun to see those gals again.

But I slept late last night, and never got my body's well-deserved rest.
Thus, my eyes and head hurt the entire day.
Took some ibuprofen earlier though so I now feel better :)

I am glad because despite being physically exhausted,
I can still be productive with my livelihood,
with doing embellishments, sewing on snaps,
painting fun red lips like today :)

And of course, I took photos then listed them in Etsy.
Thus, this shameless plug LOL!

I had been a little weak but still I made a few things.
My Anouk would be so proud of me.

Til next time, loves!



  1. Replies
    1. Ah thanks so much, Ladonna... I'm feeling better now since I popped another ibuprofen.. But I think it's sleep I need most so I'm planning to hit the sack early later! Hugs!

  2. The red lip bags are very nice! I also love Anouk's dress.

    1. Thanks, Georgia Girl... I'm glad you like them, and Anouk's dress =) She does model that bright dress well =)

  3. Really cute, You are so talented.

    1. Hey Brini... Thanks so much for the lovely words, dear and for dropping by... Hugs and kisses!

  4. Hello from Spain: I love your creations. The red lip bags are very cool. I also like Anouk's dress. Fabulous. Keep in touch


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