Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tag Games: Sweater Weather

Hey hey, dollies!

I noticed that lately, I have been quite active
with tag games on my Flickr circle.
Years back, I was a little shy and maybe I didn't have much time
to take photos real time. I was still working on
a 9-5 job back then.
But now, I'm so glad I can already participate,
because tag games can really be fun!

So this is my second I think to join in,
at least recently. A few weeks ago, I did a mini photo shoot
starring Sari who I revamped a bit to participate 
in the Simple Summer Dress tag game.

For the most recent one, we were to photograph
our gals in sweaters, thus the Sweater Weather Tag =)

I was excited to have been tagged numerous times because I have been
wanting to make new sweaters for these gals for ages!
Perfect timing, I say!

Twyla comes out of the Chevron Evening dress to feel relaxed and cozy with this new sweater
Here are some photos of Twyla in the new sweater I have made
for my gals and for our dolly friends who might like it =)
They're now listed in my shop now =)

How about you guys?

What do you think about tag games?

Let's chat!

hugs and kisses,
s h a s h a


  1. Nice sweater. Great work.
    Tag games can be fun, if you have the time to participate. Th problem is that blogging takes a lot of time.

    1. Aww.. thanks, Brenova... Yes, I am glad I have more time now to give for these fun tag games that I believe nurtures camaraderie among doll collectors, virtually at least. Blogging does take up some time as you don't want to share info that is not helpful at all =)

  2. Hi Shasha, it's a lovely sweater in a beautiful colour. I participated in the Sweater Weather tag game too, I liked it, it's fun and pleasant :-). xxx

    1. Hi there, Linda... Yes, yes that soft yellow sweater in your TOnner lady is just so cozy... Me, too - I like tag games a lot although I cannot participate right away due to my duties =D

  3. First of all, the sweater on this girl is really pretty. Did you make it? I do enjoy tag games too but I am sometimes slow to get things posted for a variety of reasons! I am always happy to be tagged because it means that people are interested in my dolls!

    1. Thanks so much, Phyllis.. Yes, I made that sweater, just in time for the colder season =)

      Yes, true it makes us happy to be tagged because to me, that means that they like to see or dolls and that they are offering friendships =) That I think, is awesome already =)

  4. I love sweater weather and yours is very pretty. I'm not a big tag game participant. I am always so overwhelmed with trying to get so many things done. I have even cut way back on my flickr time at the moment. Pretty soon I will get a little more time in my schedule, but I know it will fill up just as quickly as it becomes available. I do enjoy seeing all the tag posts.

    1. Thanks very much, Vanessa dear... I'm so happy you guys love this sweater I made.. I was a little weary that it might not even be at par with the sweaters I made in the past because this time I made it from knit material, something new for me...

      I agree with being too busy thus keeping us from dolly socializing like these tag games, been there!
      Seeing those tag posts is indeed enjoyable, truly =)

      I hope you get to balance your time well, dear.. It can tougher now that the holidays are coming. My kisses to you!


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