Friday, October 2, 2015

When you take photos often, and you don't have enough accessories...

Hey hey dollies!

I have been taking photos more often lately
because my Instagram account
wouldn't feel "insta" enough if I post only
my old dolly photos...

But taking dolly shots often can pose 
quite a few challenges, at least for me:

1. I find it boring to take photos at the same places/location.
2. I run out of doll clothing.
(Need to make more mix and matchy items soon)
3. I realized that I don't have enough accessories for the girls.
4. Old poses get, well, old. I need to research, or come up
with stories in the future.
5. I have to clean up and prep the diorama again.
(it's currently a stockroom of sorts)
6. I need to add more diorama items.

.... and then some more...

So, the latest shoot I made was with Tamica and Ella,
wearing the wetsuit, and with Sue and Kei sporting the highneck halter bikini set.
The sun was shining that day, so since
I didn't make a new outfit for the girls yet, I thought I might
just improvise with the summer outfits.

Tamica and Ella

 I guess when you don't have much accessories,
you make do with what you have.

I pulled out the beach sands I collected in one of our trips,
and used my sushi making bamboo mat as a wooden fence to give the gals a beach-ey feel.

And I just can't help but give Kei a highlight here.

I just like the way she looks like a
calendar girl in this photo =)

So yeah.. all that jazz.

How about you, guys?

Do you love taking photos often?
If no, why not?
If yes, what are your challenges if any?
And if you are sailing smoothly in the
photo shoot ocean,
pretty please give us tips, okay?

Chat with you later, guys!

s h a s h a


  1. Hello from Spain: great pics. Fabulous looks. Keep in touch

    1. Hey Marta... THanks so much for dropping by, dearie... I love the Kira you posted recently, dear!

  2. I Shasha, you're so right! I expecially agree on 2, 4 (I'm building a huge folder with fashion pictures, because posing is a true art, and I have to learn it) and 5 .....your new pictures are great!

    1. Thanks so much, Billa... Who doesn't need all the clothing they need for the dolls, right? Hahaha! Posing the dolls can really be a challenge but it also helps that you take pictures in different angles =) The diorama will be a great place to take pictures of our dollies' "mundane parts of their lives"... =)

  3. Hey Shasha! Ah, such summer-y pictures, you did a great job! Improvising makes great ideas for photo shoots! Posing dolls in a good way is very important to make "lifelike" photos isn't it, I always am happy when I succeed in giving my limited articulated Tonner dolls a more natural pose. I often have trouble with the lighting, but keep practising is the only way to improve that I guess :-). Anyway, your girls look gorgeous, they look like they are on holiday (maybe in a chic resort?)! Hugs xxx

    1. True, practising as often as possible really helps - the reason why I enjoy taking photos often.. It makes me realize the things I need to improve on =)
      Hmmm the girls might look great but it looks like they just drove to the nearest beach area and took pictures.. I am planning on a diorama setup that is more of a chic resort though.. I am hoping to finalize the design before month ends, but who knows what will again distract me, right? haha!
      Thanks much and hugs back to you, Linda... <3

  4. Your pictures looks great Shasha! I love the outfits that they are all wearing also...very nice! Looking forward to your resort pictures.


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