Friday, November 6, 2015

A new series: How to Dolly Style

Hey, hey, guys!
It's almost weekend once again and
I'm sure you're set to have a great one!
My son will be attending a musical workshop this Sunday,
so I think this weekend's gonna be exciting!

The whole week for me was pretty much typical:
a mix of making new creations, a few realizations, new ideas,
and then some. 
My new creations, which I am hoping to release within a week from now,
will be a breather from pants and sweaters
so you can expect something a little different
but not totally new, only very atelierniSHASHA, I must say :)

A few realizations mostly about my livelihood and my personal life; 
about what things I've learned over the last 10 months.
I'm planning to start a blog post series for "behind-the-scenes" things like this, and
I'm just a few note pages away to completing my editorial plan for it.
Crossing fingers :)

Speaking of series and stuff, I have expanded the
dolly profiles series to my Instagram channel.
If you've been around the blog for some time now,
you probably have read some of the dolly profiles I've featured in the past.
This week, Violet is all over the atelierniSHASHA IG page.
Her mini- dolly profile blog post is here.
Please check these links for more of this interesting lady.

Now, for new ideas and still, series-related stuff:
I've finally started compiling materials for this new series
that's been on my mind for months now.
Let me present to you my intro post on this new series:

How to Dolly Style

Basically, every Fridays, I am featuring one closet item that I and 
some of our dolly friends find very useful in our doll photo shoots
 and even off-photo shoots like travels and meetups. 
I'd like to feature how versatile these pieces can be,
whether dressed up or down, day or night looks,
when worn minimally for warm seasons, or layered on colder weather.
And it's wonderful opportunity to share how unique each of our dolly friends
put their own style into these staple items and make them into awesome finished outfits.
I am so excited for this, guys!

I will be posting the first staple closet item later today,
so I hope you'll look forward to it as much as I do.
Okay, since I'm nice, let me give you a hint:

The first ever closet staple to be featured later is....

Can you guys guess which item I will be featuring later?
I'm excited about what you think about this new series
so please drop by and let's chat!

Hugs and kisses from the Philippine Islands,
s h a s h a


  1. This should be fun! I'm excited about the new series. I am also looking for fashion inspirations for my dollies. Can't wait!

    1. Yey! I'm so glad to hear this, Vanessa! I really need to up my styling game then! Hugs!

  2. I enjoy everything you do so I know your new blog will be awesome. Great pictures by the way.

    1. Awww, thanks so much, the grandmommy... I have a lot more in store for us all so please stay tuned! Hugs hugs!


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