Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dolly Profile - Aya Ueno

Hey hey!
It's time for another post of the Dolly Profile series, wherein we talk about our dolly of the month, and the quirky things about her :) Today, we are featuring Ms. Aya Ueno.

Aya and I met in August 2010 via an online japanese doll shop. I had been stalking Momoko blogs for months and months before actually purchasing her because she's gonna be one of my very first expensive dolls. Then when I'm about to receive her, I had problems with the post office. Local post office folks seem to want to not let her go home with me. They'd give me the most absurd reasons as to why they can't ship it to my address. And since I so wanted to get the dolls already (Aya was ordered along with another Momoko doll, Shiori), I called them almost every hour for three straights days until they gave up, and shipped it to me. Because that's what they should have done in the first place.

So yeah, getting Aya into my life was quite a challenge and thrill but of course, she's so worth it. She's a wonderfully pleasant model for many of my creations over the years!

Aya models the first nightgown and lace boyleg I have made in 2011
The Aya dress, which Aya got her name from. No one else could ever model it as perfectly as she does!

And more of those Aya dresses :)

Aya is, by profession, a grade school teacher. She likes to make artsy crafts with her little students.

On her days off, she and her friends would join cosplay events dressed as their favorite anime characters. Aside from cosplaying, Aya also spends some of her days painting and writing. She is a self-published children's books illustrator and author.

Aya with her beads organizer and watercolor painting as photo shoot props :)
Pink guitars and polka dots rock!
Aya enjoys some weekends finding treasures at flea markets. On these weekends, comfy but stylish clothing is always the best company :)

I hope you liked our Dolly Profile feature for Ms. Aya Ueno today. 
Til next time, dollies!

hugs from the Philippine islands,
s h a s h a


  1. I love seeing doll profiles! :)

    She has such a great expression - when her head is tilted it really looks like she's just turned her head to glance at something.

    1. Thanks so much, jSarie... I agree this girl has this very thoughtful look :)

  2. Lovely profile! Aya is very pretty and I love all of the clothes you made for her! I have recently become more interested in the Momoko and Ruruko dolls, so it is nice to see such beautiful clothes for Momoko!

    1. Thanks so much, Phyllis... Yes, I'm rooting for Ruruko's, too! I did see your Ruruko's in your recent post and I am tempted to start budgeting for her! Acccck! LOL!


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