Friday, February 26, 2016

Lovin' them Made to Moves!

I am the happiest kid when I learned from Oly of Jamie's Toy Blog that Made to Move Barbies have already hit the Philippine toy store shelves! I have been really waiting for truly articulated dolls that won't hurt our pockets like BJDs do.

Within that very hour I've read about the exciting news, I rushed to call the nearest toy stores I could find, then went to get myself these girls.

Bambi and Neko chillin' 
I was still so hoping that Yellow Top will also be available despite knowing that she was released way later than the first three girls. Of course, she's not with them. I passed up on Barbie as her skin tone is not too far from Bambi's. But as days passed, I think I should be getting her too. We'll see.

I then took the two girls out for some photo shoot.

I still don't have names for the two yet...

'Love how cute this pose Bambi makes

The legs are posing more realistically than ever...

More "hair-touching" poses will probably be prevalent in future Made to Move photos here

Yup, just like this.

And these. LOL!

I'm sure there's more to these articulated bodies than just touch hair.
We'll see in the next few weeks as their articulation really invites for more doll play time,
at least for me.

I hope you enjoy the photos, loves! 

Have an awesome weekend and "see" you in the next post!


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dolly Profile - Shiori Fukuda

Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I haven’t done any Dolly Profiles so here we are. 
We’re featuring an atelierniSHASHA pioneer – Shiori Fukuda.
Sigh... I really love that cute face, dotted with those almost puckered up red lips.

Shiori Fukuda modeling an OOAK cocktail dress, which now resides in a private collection in Japan

Shiori is a film student from Japan who likes to travel the world in her spare time.
She frequents film festivals and theater shows with her like-minded friends. 

Very much interested in arts and film, Shiori, or Shi-O as her closest friends call her,
likes to bring her artistic influence to street chic dressing. 

But when Shiori dresses up for formal events, she likes to give it a bit of a drama. 


She is fascinated by period dressing so naturally, she would take some bits of inspiration to the atelier. 
I would be more than glad to play along with her as I don’t come across such projects often.

Of course, there would be times when I would be the one to ask her to model some of my new creations. 
I thought she’s perfect for these outfits I made back then.

And for days when she would be at school, or hanging out with friends, 
she’s just be happily wearing comfy clothes that I happen to enjoy making more often.


I am planning to make Shiori something grand, something she really likes, before she goes to Berlin to chase her dreams. 
She may occasionally visit the atelier in between her hectic schedule, but for now, I’d just wish her all the best.

I hope you enjoy this post!

Shiori Fukuda is a 2006 Snow White Momoko Doll that I purchased from an 
online Japanese doll collector shop in 2010.
Currently, she is nursing a broken neck, thus the absence of new photos.
I’m currently looking for ways to repair her neck, and hopefully make her model for me again.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Will you be my sexy Valentine?

I hope I'm not too late for this, guys... 

Happy Valentine, my loves!
Kei shows you her sexy side..


Friday, February 12, 2016

My Giveaway Prize from Brini is Here...

The lovely Brini from Brini's Doll Domain always gives the sweetest giveaways on her blog and as I enjoy reading her posts, I happened to join a few of these contests in the past.

Little did I know that on Dec 24, when I had the time to check my followed dolly blogs while on vacation, I learned that I won this Dec 15 giveaway!

I can't believe I won this Dinner Date table set!
Isn't it awesome that I got to virtually receive my present before Christmas day? I was ecstatic for sure since I haven't won something I have really wanted. I always work for the things that I've come to own, and this one is such a sweet surprise!

Of course, being the sweet friend that she is, Brini also slipped in these salad bowls and baguette that my girls Bree and Luna seem to really enjoy a lot, too!
Isn't the salad bowl sumptuous? And look at that baguette - so perfect!

I also added in some drinks to go along with the healthy meal the girls are having for this one special brunch

Brini also added a box of pretty bangles (human-size) in colors that surely will go along with any outfit I might wear on a special day or night. Another beautiful surprise, surely they were =)

thank you so so much for everything.

As you can see, I have already planned out what to do with my winnings - and that is take as much photos as my token of appreciation and happiness for these wonderful gifts.

I am looking forward to more sharing of our collections, tips, creations around this little doll community of ours in the future. It's really nice to feel our friends physically despite having only met each other online. Very beautiful.

And speaking of beautiful, since I find the photos I took earlier beautiful, let me share the rest of them to you, my dear dollies.

Enjoy your weekend and 

Have a happy Valentine...

A perfect brunch date with your bestie on Valentine's day!

I just can't get enough of these miniatures from Brini =)

Brunch under the shade...

Catch up with what's up with your bestie...

and reminisce on those beautiful memories of friendship...

I think this is the best Valentine ever. A special moment shared with true friendship.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Shifting to Shifts: Batik, Silica and Windsor

Hi guys,

Here's what's been keeping me busy the past few weeks since the start of the year.

I made these shift dresses for our dolly friends to enjoy with their little ladies, too!

Silica Shift dress in Medium size, perfect for Poppy Parker, Barbie Fashionista/Style gals
Silica Shift dress in Large size, perfect for FR, FR2, Dynamite Girls and other taller girls
These shift dresses will kickstart what will be the 2016 Closet Staples Collection, which had been in my to-do list since 2013! This collection will include only the most important pieces your dolls will ever need in her wardrobe. Yes, not only are we giving our gals the classic, timeless pieces that will bring out the stylish fashionistas in them, we are also giving ourselves a break from all the unnecessary purchase of dolly garments we only use once, and leave in the closet for the rest of their existence.

Windsor Shift dress in Medium size, perfect for Poppy Parker, Barbie Fashionista/Style gals

Windsor Shift dress in Large size, perfect for FR, FR2, Dynamite Girls and other taller girls

We know we only need the best staple pieces, and learn how to mix and match them wisely, to create the best, most stunning outfits for our tiny ladies. With this minimal approach to this aspect of doll collecting, our pockets will love us back, too.

Batik Shift dress in Medium size, perfect for Poppy Parker, Barbie Fashionista/Style gals
Batik Shift dress in Large size, perfect for FR, FR2, Dynamite Girls and other taller girls

I hope you join me in this journey as we solve yet another doll collecting dilemma - the wardrobe section. It's gonna be exciting for sure!

In the meantime, I  hope you enjoy these photos. And you might want to check out my Etsy shop, too, where you can get more details of these new creations of mine.

Ayt, gotta go and get back to work now! Chat with you soon!

hugs and kisses from the Philippine islands,
s h a s h a

Monday, February 1, 2016

A weekend with Luna

So Luna insisted I take her somewhere asap as she feels so fabulous with her new hair. Luckily, me and the boys are out for lunch earlier today so I had a chance to take photos of Luna somewhere new.

Enjoy the photos, guys and I'm wishing you have a fun weekend, too.

hugs and kisses,

Luna and her new hairstyle

Working it like a pro fashion blogger =D

Off to grab a bite, because modeling needs a lot of energy, you know...

Enjoying the nice, warm weather

Checking our some handmade crafts...

Drop by the milktea shop for a relaxing takeaway treat =)

Forever thankful to my boys for putting up with a wife/mom who mixes duty (doll photos for the blog) with pleasure (family time).