Monday, February 1, 2016

A weekend with Luna

So Luna insisted I take her somewhere asap as she feels so fabulous with her new hair. Luckily, me and the boys are out for lunch earlier today so I had a chance to take photos of Luna somewhere new.

Enjoy the photos, guys and I'm wishing you have a fun weekend, too.

hugs and kisses,

Luna and her new hairstyle

Working it like a pro fashion blogger =D

Off to grab a bite, because modeling needs a lot of energy, you know...

Enjoying the nice, warm weather

Checking our some handmade crafts...

Drop by the milktea shop for a relaxing takeaway treat =)

Forever thankful to my boys for putting up with a wife/mom who mixes duty (doll photos for the blog) with pleasure (family time).


  1. These pictures are wonderful Shasha! I really love Luna's new hairstyle, and her shorts are so cute!

    1. Thank you, Billa! I am glad the hair is starting to grow on me because at first I was a little sad to cut off the long curly locks. The print on her shorts are cute, I must say =)

  2. Great photos! I love the way you positioned Luna so that she looks in-scale with the human world!

    1. Thanks for appreciating that, jSarie! It's not easy to take pictures of a doll in a crowded place, but I am happy to have captured those shots! And I'm really beginning to not care at all for whatever will people say haha!

  3. Your outdoor shots are awesome!I love the one (last pic-before your family picture) where the young lady is walking, but all eyes are on you. Lol!

    Very nice family pic as well. You are so pretty! :-)

    1. Hahaha I used to be worried for what would these people think of me, taking pics of my doll in the public, but gone are those days. I love to take these photos, and I want my dolls to look as if they blend into our scale, and I am happy with every lucky shot I take. So I have learned to just shrug the people away haha!

      Thanks for your kind words, Vickey. We seldom take photos at restaurants, but this one is to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary so an obligatory pic has got to be there LOL!


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