Friday, May 27, 2016

It's atelierniSHASHA Giveaway time!

I’ve been busy, real busy to the point of not being able to grab the laptop for some R&R kinda blogging. And these has kept me ---




I am a shorts kinda girl since forever so I thought I should give tribute to these staple pieces that I have even extended to my dolls’ wardrobe! And I made lots, as if I was some kinda small-business shop with a few seamstresses helping me. But nope, I work alone and I miscalculated the volume of task I gave MYSELF. Yey to learnings, right?

But really, I’m here to announce that I am giving away three of these cutesy city shorts to my dolly friends. However, I have hosted the giveaway at my Instagram account. Yes, that’s urging you to setup an account there, love! So I really hope you join as well. It’s a weekend giveaway so get there now, with me… Let's!




  1. Good luck to all. I am not on Instagram and have no plans to be there.

    Love the shorts!


    1. Oh, thanks, Debbie dear... I am cooking up something for us bloggers, too so stay tuned...

  2. I just recently created an instagram account too, so I am now following you. I need to get some pictures posted there! Thanks for the opportunity to win these beautiful shorts!

    1. Awesome, Phyllis! It was great to see you there! I hope you enjoy Instagram as well!


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