Sunday, June 19, 2016

Creative Doll Collector of the Month: Nick of SkankyDoll

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Hi guys!

As some of you who've been following my blog for a while now know,
I also do interviews with the most creative doll lovers I know.
We have had the pleasure of picking into the creative minds of
Michaela Unbehau and DBG in the previous months.

And now, we are having my fellow Etsian and Instagrammer, Nick of SkankyDoll.

Nick's dolls are the bad-ass girls we hang out with in our wild dreams.
I love how he turns tea party host-looking dolls
into unapologetic, #sorrynotsorry rockstars!

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See what I mean? I mean that girl above was once Grace Kelly if I'm not mistaken,
but oh, how perfect was her dark hair for her attitude, right?

Okay, so you kind of have quite an idea already what this #dudewithdolls
is up to so let's get started with the interview, shall we?


Shasha: Tell us a bit about yourself, your background, other hobbies...

I am from a small town in Texas - very close minded.
My mother told me once that I needed to stop involving myself in controversial topics and debates.
This encouraged my move to California.

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My art has always been a huge part of me.
I express myself through my art - at least, that's what my therapist told me.

Shasha: Kindly share with us the history of skanky_dolls.

I feel like Skanky Dolls has always been a part of me.

When I was a young kid my parents bought me dolls because I was an only child and demanded it, I'm sure.
That sounds as if I was a spoiled brat.
I wasn't a brat, but I was definitely spoiled.

My Barbies would always do things that my friends' dolls wouldn't dare to do,
like smoke imaginary cigarettes... Or get drunk.

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Shasha: What got you to having dolls as muses for this particular art of yours?

Being told it's wrong, simply because I am male.

Shasha: What activities are involved in running an awesome doll line?

For me Drawing, Sewing, Painting, Exploring, and
conceptualizing play a huge part in my doll's life.

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Shasha: Which one is your favorite part in the process?

Conceptualizing. Always.

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Shasha: What do you think are the advantages of today's modern technology for solo art-trepreneurs like you?

The Internet makes educating yourself so much easier and cheaper.
I am always looking up YouTube videos and tutorials to master.

Shasha: What inspires you in every collection or single artwork?


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Shasha: What is your creative process like, from inception to production?

The beginning stages are usually inspired by an idea or muse of some sort.
I get much of my inspiration from the care-free lifestyle of the 60's - 70's.

I always seem to lose track of time and eventually having to force myself into sleep.
I am sometimes unable to put my creative juice to rest, so I will find myself up all night long.

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Shasha: How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I have always loved this question because the future is so nomadic.
What I want today may not be even remotely close to something I will want in the future.

I would love to see myself changing others' thought process, pushing people out of their comfort zone.
I can feel myself changing mentally with every passing day and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Shasha: What can you advise a budding doll fashion designer?

I would highly recommended doing whatever the hell you want.

Do not bend for society if you want to be different.

Just do the damn thing.

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*******end of interview *******

Honestly, I felt kinda badass the entire interview time with Nick!
And that final quote that is "Just do the damn thing",
reminds me of my simpler "Just do it" mantra.

Totally true. Unapologetically on point.

Thanks so so much for all the time and love to answer my boring questions, Nick!
I feel so relieved to put in some sass to my blog with your interview.
Much love back to you from me and the atelierniSHASHA gals!

So there you go...
Be sure to check Nick's Instagram account, ayt?
Who knows, there's a badass gal inside you, screaming, waiting to come out.

I hope you enjoyed this month's Creative Doll Collectors' interview, dollies!
Til next time and have a badass (nth time) weekend, ayt?!



  1. I don't spend nearly as much time exploring Instagram as I'd like to, so Nick's dolls are new to me - very awesome styles there! Thanks for sharing!

    1. My pleasure, dear... I really enjoyed this interview/post because I felt like my blog needed some sass into it, for some reason LOL!

  2. So much creativity and I like the way he expresses it!

    1. I know, right?! So much personality, too!

  3. This was an interesting read! Now I know a another great creative person. He is truly an artist.

    1. Awesome that you liked the post, Brins! I hope to feature more artistic doll collectors in the future so please stay tuned <3 Thanks so much for dropping by =)

  4. Very cool interview! I like Nick's attitude and carefree style. That screening on that doll of his is very pretty. And one of my favorite photos is the one of his Poppy in your shift dress. I've seen that picture before and it made me instantly regret not buying that dress in both available patterns. Also, Nick has inspired me to give my bad a$$ girls more camera time. Folks probably think there are no such girls in Dollton, but they're wrong ;)

    1. So fun, right? Me, too - I suddenly remember what it's like to be young and fearless LOL! I love that shift dress, too! I only got to make a few of it because I can't find anymore the same fabric from where I bought it years ago.

      Yes, yes! We should give those closet bad a$$ dolls more camera time then! Game?

  5. Thank you guys so much for your encouraging comments! These questions were so much fun to answer.

    1. Oh, the pleasure is mine, Nick! Thank you so much for saying yes to this fun activity!


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