Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tips and Tutorials: Simple Bead Bracelets for Summer

Hi, dollies!

I had been wanting to share how I make the bead bracelets I gift away
along with your atelierniSHASHA purchase so here it is!

To make simple bead bracelets for your dollies, 
you only need the following: 

~ Materials ~
1. Beads of choice
2. Stretchable nylon cord
3. Crimping beads or bead lock

~ Tools ~
1. Cutter
2. Flat-nose pliers
 ... and lots of patience and love

It can take some time to get used to doing such a tiny thing
but as you do more,
say make each one for all your dollies,
you'll get a hang of it and be able
to give your dolls summer accessories.

Well, not only for summer, as you can change your bead variant
according to the season.

During autumn season, I choose autumn colors.
In winter, I choose metallic or shiny beads perfect for
parties and holiday events.
In spring, I'd gather all my most colorful and brightest beads!

Bead bracelets can be chic, too,
especially if they are in classic colors.
Bead colors that can accentuate most of your dolly wardrobe items
are always a staple, and can be used all year round.

What do you guys think about this simple tutorial and tip post?
Would you like me to make more of these types of posts, too?

Let me know what you think, guys 💋



  1. Now that was helpful. I didn't even know there was sucha thing as crimping beads!

    1. Tee hee... I had to look up, too as I didn't know how it was called back then and I just asked the shop staff what to use when closing your string LOL! Some from my local shops call this "Bead lock"...

  2. What a cool tutorial! I am definitely going to give this a try. Thanks, Shasha! By the way, I love the little gift bracelets that you include with the orders, and my dollies do, too.

    1. Oh, Thanks so much, Jewell... Yes, please give it a try, it's very easy and fun! I'm happy you loved the little gift bracelets I made... xoxo..


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