Sunday, July 31, 2016

Customizing your own Dolls - a way to appreciate them even more!

Happy weekend, dollies!

Saturdays are often work days for me, but half of it and some part of Sunday were spent with family in a nice little resort nearby - the kids always loved swimming by the pool and having barbeque ;)

The past two work weeks, on the other hand, I finally tried repainting and rerooting my dolls. And I am so happy I did! Tamica, my first reroot (post here) was really adorable and I realized that if only we give extra time for our dolls, like customizing them, we find so much more value in our collection.

A photo posted by Shasha 🌞 Ravacio (@ateliernishasha) on
My four successful repaints - Tamica, Lola, Ella and Aki - according to my standards LOL!

With the success I felt with my first try with Tamica, I went on with the second repaint and reroot candidate the next day. However, it was a sad mess because I forced myself to use the existing (very short to work with) hair she already had and add to that, tried doing a fringe - which is another sad story on its own.
Sometimes, we need to know when to stop. So I set this second doll aside,
and would rather create much better reroot and repaint plans with her for the future.

On the third day, I moved on and decided to work on Ella. I loved Ella's original faceup - she was a constant favorite in my photo shoots but I thought she would be even more special if she was OOAK.
After a day of painting and sketching, she's finally finished and was able to catch a good sunset lighting for her little photo shoot.

Ella, in her new, freckled face - note the mole just above her left brow

I love how more mature-looking she's become

... and sassier. Tee hee..

I was just overwhelmed in a positive way with the joy I felt after seeing my two repainted gals.
"I wanted to do more repaints!" -  I declared.

So on the following day, my fourth day focused on repaints, 
I went on and picked one of my Bambi MTM gals to give her some personality.
I love this mold but she has become too popular
and I wanted mine to be an OOAK.

Now named Lola, who was once unnamed in a corner because honestly,
I only bought the MTMs for their bodies.
Perhaps, repainting them would make them adorable, right?
Indeed, once I decided her repaint is already perfect for me,
I think Lola has become her own "woman" and is beyond adorable.

This sassy lady loves her new "personality"

Love this pose!

Sweet, but not too sweet...

And then came Friday, and my gal on queue was Briana or Bree.
At the end of the day, I loved how Bree looked
but there was something missing in her.

Lola (left) and Bree here in her first repaint, which looked cute but not as realistic-looking as the other gals

So I scheduled my Monday the next week retouching her, but everything went awry.

Bree's eyes (especially the left one) were weird to me so I decided to repaint her again some other day

Bree's eyes went from looking like she's wearing a pair of dilated contact lens
 (which I didn't want) to just weird. 
I don't know how else to describe her eyes so I erased the second repaint I made
and I put her aside for another repaint date that I hope will turn out well.

With still a few hours left from that Monday,
I grabbed Aki who was another double I had.
She was easy to work with and 
Aki eventually became just as adorable as my other successful repaints.

Love Aki's innocent expression - totally different from the other three girls

Her simple pose added some mystery to her look...

I think she looks mysterious...

I have always wanted to see my dolls as unique in their own special ways.
But I have never felt this strong about repaints until I tried it.
Repainting my dolls renewed my excitement for my dolls even more.

I could just stare at them all day, really!
And having OOAK dolls also inspired me even more
to give them their own bedrooms, and maybe,
Oh my gosh - it just doesn't stop there!

But for now, I'll just be wishing you guys an awesome rest-of-weekend,
and of course an even more creative work week ahead.

Let's continue to inspire each other!

dolly hugs,

Sunday, July 24, 2016

How to best enjoy Dolly Play time? - Topic Finale

Happy weekend, dollies!

Welcome to the third and final part of our Dolly Playtime topic, where we talk about how and when we best spend time with our doll collection, and how in the future we can improve our ways of giving back love to our dolls.

As always, we would like to thank our very generous doll friends who contributed to this article. Guys, you know how deeply grateful I am for everything that you share. Thank you so much!

In the past two parts, we talked about doll play being our own little stress-reliever, an activity that cools down our tired souls and bodies after a long week of hard work. Our play time may also be injected in small pockets of time to kick boredom out of our daily mundane tasks.

And above all else, our dolly play time is actually the miniature version of our life passions such as photography, styling, crafting, storytelling, organizing/decorating, shopping, vintage hunting, sharing with community, among others. As expected, there really is a more profound meaning to this thing outsiders call a “childish” kind of collecting.

In this last part of the topic series, we will try to unravel how doll play time may even be more enjoyable for our doll collectors. Would they need more time, or just a bit more of creativity?

Play time = Enough or Not?

I fall into this cycle of a trap all the time as well. It’s like, too little time so much to do. You have too many dolls, you even have more ideas on what to do with them, but you have to do other stuffs first, like, work. Ha! Most of this topic’s dolly friend contributors say their current play time is never enough.

Bubbles says, “I think no one ever has enough playtime! If I have all my time to myself, then I would be all played out. Lol! But I think finding the time to play is also part of the fun in doll collecting. After all, this is just a hobby, this is not our life; and one has to love the hobby to actually find the time for it.”

Bubble's Made to Move girls showcasing their new outfits

“Several things need to be prioritized, especially during school days when I need to prepare something for my students, not to mention the miniature business which I've started recently.”, added Diadema.

Marcela of Kotori Couture declares, “Not by a long shot! LOL! But... the more I have, the more I want! So I don't know if my "no" is an honest "no" or a greedy "no". I guess it's both.”

A Girl Day, A Red Day
The beautiful girls over at Marcela and Jojo's Kotori Couture

“I don't (have enough time).“, Robert simply puts. “ Dressing up a doll takes me hours, let alone start playing with them. Ideally, I think 3 days should be enough.”

Terri also wishes she had more time to dedicate to them.

A photo posted by Tee Baker (@baker.tee) on
Terri's gal having a me time...

Edel, Kenya, and Javi also think we needed to allocate more time for our dolls.

“I think I spend more than enough time with doll play, BUT more free time that would not take away from my other responsibilities and obligations might be nice.”, articulates Debbie.

Debbie's Chyna, the main character in the Disney show, A.N.T. Farm

Some of our dolly friends are totally okay with how much attention they currently give to their collection.

For Vana, it’s “More or less, yes. I'm not sure if I would it enjoy it as much if I had endless time to play.”

jSarie says, “Definitely, yes. In fact I sometimes think I have too much playtime! ;) “

“With my busy schedule, I can say I have enough time with my collection.”, adds Melan.

Melan's beautiful doll photography

Jelyn thinks she currently has enough playtime with her dollies. “But we have to make do with what time we have.. Haha”

“I think I have enough time to play with my collection”, replies Barry.  “If I will rate my play time with my dolls, it will be 8 out of 10. “

And as a final question to my contributors in this topic, I asked them how they think their dolly play time be more enjoyable. 

What types of changes would they do in order to have a much more pleasurable time spent with their precious collections? This is what I found out:

Figure out first what to do with the dolls you already have

“I think the best way to enjoy our collection is to focus on one or maybe two dolls at a time.”, was Jelyn’s matter of fact reply.  “Say, for this week, you play with two dolls. You dress them up, take shots, and do your favorite activities with them. Then the next week, you take another 2 dolls out. It’s one of the things I do to get to play everyone. When I go on family vacations, I make sure not to bring the ones I’ve already brought with me the last time. Sometimes, I do couples playtime, too. I have about eight Kens and they have their individual partners. So it’s nice to shoot them together".

Jelyn's vacationing couple

Vana also has a similar point: “ I want to give more attention to all the dolls I already have instead of buying new dolls again and again. I'm running out of space, that's one reason. The other reason is that it's a pity to own beautiful dolls and not to do anything with them. The money I don't invest in new dolls I can spend for new bodies and fashions for the "crew". So I can enjoy more what I already have. This does not mean that I will totally stop buying new dolls. I buy one, one of the older ones has to go.”

I am all for Jelyn’s doll rotation-based play time, as well as Vana’s less doll buying plan because of the same reasons they have. I am probably the thriftiest doll collector I know so these are one of my techniques when I feel like I’m (again and again) falling into the trap of adding dolls to my collections because of some incomprehensible reasons LOL!

Vana's Dominique at the cabin

“Finding new homes for the dolls I desire to sell will help me enjoy the remaining dolls I plan to keep.”, adds Debbie.

Be more organized

“I think the best way to further enjoy my collection is to be more organized so that I could spend more time with other aspects such as doll photography and creating dioramas. “ states Bubbles.

Robert adds, “Hmmm. I probably need to rearrange my storage. I should take them out of their boxes and display them. In that way, whenever I want to play with them, I can easily take the dolls right away.”

A-Z Challenge: D-darling Duo
From Robert's latest shoot

“I love even cleaning the closet shelves they stay on! LOL!”, confesses Marcela. “They are really one of my biggest joys! My 9 year long marriage is the biggest joy, but they come right after.”

More free time

Kenya and Edel are absolutely sure that having more free time with the dolls will be the best way to enjoy their collections more. Edel beams, “(Winning the) lottery, then I will have more free time for sure, that would be the real prize!”

A photo posted by @edelmo on
Edel's Fan Bingbing doll strolling as most of his dolls love to do...

A photo posted by @aneky43251 on
Just some of Kenya's many dolls wanting more of her time
“Winning Powerball - so I can buy each and every doll I want and have plenty of time to play with them.”, adds Kenya.

Be more creative

“I would really love to make clothes for my dollies. I guess that's one of my frustrations. I have tons of clothing ideas in my head but I'm having problems sewing them. “, says Diadema. “I don’t know how to use a sewing machine. Although I know how to sew manually, I prefer not to, because like what I've said, I'm an OCD- type of person, and sewing with your bare hands would mean it won't come out perfectly.”

Diadema's soon to be models of her own collection

“It’s been my dream to have my own fashion creation on my doll collection, which i think will just remain a dream. Hahaha!”, laughs Melan.

Sharing of Ideas with the Dolly Community

For Barry, the best way to enjoy his collection more is by sharing his ideas and learnings that he has also learned from others. From this, he builds good camaraderie within the doll community.

Bally's pretty IT boy trying out a Mattel ensemble

One of Javi's latest dolly photos shared over at his Flickr page

“Sharing my pictures with other doll collectors…”, Javi adds. “I think it’s nice when other people like your dolls, too.”

A mix of all play time activities

jSarie's dolls in various scales

jSarie answers, “That's a tough one, because I think it's tied to mood and personality - sometimes you're just in the mood to make some new wigs for a doll, and other times you just want to gaze upon them while they sit on display. So I suppose there's a best way, beyond saying "whatever makes you happiest"!

So there you go, loves! Once again, we have tackled and concluded yet another doll collecting topic that helps newbie collectors decide better during their fragile early collecting days, as well relatively older collectors who might want to get new ideas from the community. If you have any topics you want to discuss over here, drop a message below, and surely I'll find a way to pick into the minds of these dolly friends of ours for more dolly pointers in the future.

Thank you so much again to our contributors and to you, reader...
Tell me, how can I do all this without you? =)

That's it for now, loves! 'Til our next doll collecting topic time!


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Braving Doll Reroot and Repaint

Okay, so I braved doll repaint, finally. 
And boy, was it an experience!

Tamica, my first doll repaint

I once had this grand scheme of repainting all my dolls because 
I have always wanted my atelier gals to be OOAKs.
Finally, with much research,
and digging into my old art supplies,
I jumped into it.

I chose my doll Tamica for my first attempt, as I have two molds of this girl.

I chose to repaint the one on the left because I like the screening better and keep it on the other.

my process...

First, I removed her makeup using an acetone-based nail polish remover.

Her hair was removed by first cutting closest to the roots using
a pair of small scissors which eventually I realized when I checked its packaging,
was actually a nail scissors. It worked well for the job.
I then pulled out remaining hairs through the neck hole
using my long-nose pliers.

Faceless Tamica and her old hair

I washed the hair-less head again, then I started rerooting her
with the yarn ball I bought last Sunday. I think chocolate brown suits her perfectly.

Sorry, I totally forgot to take a picture during the reroot.
However, I followed all the steps that @myfroggystuff showed
in their wonderful tutorial for rerooting dolls with yarn, here.

Then I wrapped her up, exposing only her head for sealing.

Pro repaint artists will probably spank me because of using a face towel to cover my nose while sealing, but... yeah.
Then, the repaint begins...

... which of course, I forgot to take pictures of again because... laziness.
Well, not really.

I was just giddy as a child because of all things, I love drawing.
I love painting. I love coming up with an image that was never there before.
So, yeah. I just went into a zone without noticing time, and other people
coming in and out of the room.

the materials...

All the chaos needed to come up with that pretty face XD

I used the very common materials repaint artists
who use, like:

Watercolor pencils and pan and tiny brushes for details like
the eyes, eyelashes, eye lids, brows, teeth details.

Soft pastel for blush, lip color and eye brow color.
(I used watercolor pencils for the brow hairs)

Mr. Super Clear Matt/Flat sealant for sealing before and after repaint.
(yes, I only sealed twice)

Black and white acrylic paints that were scraped off
after realizing they bulk faster than I could even put the details on.

Cotton swabs, tissue paper, cotton buds, water

A 0.1 waterproof pen (from my old art stash) used as eyeliner

I took pictures but actually didn't intend to seriously document the process
because I just want to absorb all the learnings first.
Then, once I get the right things,
that's when I document.

I probably will have a decent how-shasha-did-it post some time,
but really, who wants that?
The internet already has an ocean of tutorials,
made and edited way better than I could even imagine, right?

the outcome...

So, here's Tamica now.
I was so excited to take pictures of her that when I decided I'm done,
that I quickly grabbed a Grace Barbie Style body so we can
take advantage of the beautiful dusk lighting.

I'm in love with her - she's already hired for some real important atelier task!
Tee hee...

And just before I end the post, I have to write a few notes to self about my process, though:

1. The Mr. Super Clear Matt/Flat sealant darkened her face a bit - 
which was perfect for Grace's body.

2. I'm comfy with my watercolors instead of the acrylics ones.
Those teeth are detailed and crazy difficult
I just have to use the medium I'm most comfy with!

3. I ended up using my trusty Chinese brush that is the cheapest
thing among all my brushes because it gets to a very pointy point when wet. 
I knew this fact before, back when I did detail-y watercolor things
but when you're too enthusiastic with what you're doing (at least, me), 
you seem to just grab what you see. 
Good thing the chinese brush presented itself, magically. LOL!

I guess, that is all.
I'm not an expert on this, but you can ask me about my process
and I will answer to the best of my knowledge.

Ayt! Gotta go now!
I hope this post inspires you to do your own repaints, too!

dolly hugs,

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Creative Doll Collector of the Month: Jake of @thebarbielookbook

Happy weekend, loves! 

As always, I have been busy with my atelier tasks but this weekend, 
I might just sneak in some blog editing, and a few portrait sketches 
to prepare to repaint some of my dolls. 
I hope you make the best of it, too!

And speaking of blog, I am super proud to present to you this month’s Creative Doll Collector– 
Jake Ofrasio

Jake has been styling and taking photos of his dolls for fun 
over at his doll styling Instagram account @thebarbielookbook
but has raked in such a remarkable following 
because of being authentic and dedicated 
about the things he love. 

Jake also hails from the Philippines, so you can just imagine 
how excited I am to have him over. 
Go go go, Philippine creative doll collectors!

Jake and his outdoor doll of the moment

Shasha: Hi Jake! First of all, please know that I am such a fan of your Instagram account, The Barbie Look book! I love your clean, sophisticated photos and your dolls are always stylish! So thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to get to know you, the creative brains behind this beautifully curated feed as well as hopefully to get some tips from your experience.

Jake: Thank you Shasha! It’s my honor to be featured on your blog - I always drop by once in a while. Not to mention, the doll clothes you make are amazing specially the craftsmanship and details! You put into them a true work of art.

Shasha: Thank you so much for the kind words, Jake. Now apart from seeing the awesome work in your Instagram feed, we would like to know the person that makes all this possible. Please tell us a bit about yourself, your hobbies, favorite things, and stuff we don’t usually see in your fabulous account.

Jake: Hmm… Well, I live and work in Dubai for almost 7 years now. I like traveling and I can’t stay in one place really as I like exploring cities and countries. I’m also into Japanese culture, anything Japanese basically, and my trip there last year was one of my dreams. Of course I got a lot of doll stuff there, too. On the side, I do a bit of commercial and print ad modeling – It’s basically where I get my extra money to fund my doll hauls and travelling.

Shasha: Wow, you’re a commercial and print ad model, too! No wonder you have that great sense of style! Can we say that this prompted you to create this doll account?

Jake: I used to be a stylist for print and TV back in the Philippines and I really miss that job. When I moved to Dubai, I didn't really have an outlet for my fashion ideas so I was looking for ways to do that, and I figure out styling dolls would be the best way since I’m not into buying clothes for myself. 

Also living alone abroad can be really stressful and lonely so my dolls and this account are my stress-busters. When I play with dolls, I zone out and concentrate on that small fashion world I’m trying to create. It’s really therapeutic for me and a creative outlet as well. 

Shasha: The Barbie Lookbook has gained a huge following all over the world. What do you think are your top 3 talents, which are probably your main tools of the trade in running such an interesting account?

Jake: I think the most important of all is you have to love what you do, and the likes and followers are just added bonuses. When you like what you’re doing it shows and reflects through your work. 

Another thing is your creativity, and how you make use of what you have. You don’t need the newest or the most expensive doll or a lot of clothes. It’s how you put things together and present it to your followers

Interaction and sharing of ideas is also important with me. I like to talk to my followers and share them tips I know and vice versa. They really inspire me to continue what I do and I hope I do the same with them. I really consider them as my friends all over the world.

Shasha: What are your top 5 places/things/sites/people to get inspiration from?

Jake: I get inspired by other accounts as well and just try to put my own touch or spin in whatever I see online. Malls and shop windows are also where I get my inspiration, I would see a person walking and I will be like “Oh, that’s cute I think I can do that look.” I also frequent forever21's window display they always seem to be on trend and reflect what is happening in fashion. 

Before, the internet magazines are my major source of inspiration. I would go to book sales (second hand magazine shop) and would look for back issues of Nylon Magazine, Teen Vogue among others and would just try to absorb and make mental notes of the looks they have. 

The 90s era is also a big influence to me since that was my time LOL! It’s where I get my fashion sensibility. Effortless and yet full of character - Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani, and the 90s super models are my style icons among a long list.

As I said earlier, Japan is a big influence on my style and how I style dolls. Their fashion scene is really diverse and advanced. I think the whole world is just getting ideas from them, really. Barcelona is also a big inspirational place for me, the arts and culture in Barcelona are amazing - one of my favorite destinations. 

Shasha: Please describe your creative process. Which activities do you enjoy the most? Which activities are not so interesting for you?

Jake: My creative process would start at having an idea or a look in my head. I would then mentally sort the clothes I have in my box and see what stuff I have. Then I would figure out the perfect doll for the look. This or sometimes vice versa - I would have a particular doll in mind and figure out the look and vibe that would fit her and work around her. 

I think cleaning up the mess you made after you make a shoot is the part I hate the most LOL because sometimes you have look in mind but when you put it on your doll it doesn't work so you end up digging for other things and the next thing you know you have an explosion of doll stuff in your room.

Shasha: I see there’s a lot of testing the waters in your process, which is, for me at least the best way to learn. Over the years of styling and photographing your pretty dolls on Instagram, what do you think are the top 5 things you have learned so far?

Jake:  1. I always use natural light or place your doll table near a window. Natural light brings the dolls to life in my opinion. They register better in the camera, unless it depends on the look or art direction you're going for, but for me I always prefer natural light.

2. Know the tricks of the trade. Taking pictures of dolls is all about making an illusion. Behind the scenes, I have pins at the back of my dolls or masking tape holding them so they can stand and things like that. There is a lot of work involved in creating a look, do research and develop your own. And of course share it and exchange ideas with other doll collectors. 

3. Poses are important for me as well. I really try my best posing my dolls and having that fluidity in them. I observe how models do it on magazine and try to emulate them with my dolls. The pose can also help in presenting the clothes properly and the doll. 

4. Experiment and try to think of ways on how you can make a post where people haven't seen before - always make it new and fresh - even if you got inspired from somewhere, play with the idea to  make it your own. 

5.  Know the right doll to use in every look you make. Some dolls are better in certain looks and some are not, it’s like casting for a perfect model as well. 

Shasha: Thank you so much for these 5 tips, Jake. I have asked these not only for our readers to take notes from, but also for me. I am very much a fan of your clean background and beautiful styling – especially the dolls’ hairstyles. They certainly show how much you love and enjoy the process.

Can you tell us how this clean background of yours became so popular that I’ve been seeing more and more Instagram doll accounts incorporating this style in their photos and that even big name accounts have followed suit as well.

Jake: It was not a conscious effort, really. I started with a few things and all I had was my doll and my clothes and my empty wall.  And I kinda liked it and just carry on with it. I think it also helps you to focus more on the clothes and the look of the doll. I don’t take sole credit of it as well as we also see blank walls in photo shoots and what not. I had this idea that when I take pictures of my dolls it’s more of like polaroid shot before they hit the runway.

Shasha: Do you have other favorite doll accounts, too? Can you give a shout out to at least 5 of them?

Jake: I recently discovered this account @weiyuannnnnn - her clothes and styling are amazing. Really, people should check her out. I was really blown away with her looks and how she mix and match her pieces.  

@edelmo is also my all time favorite and one of the dolly accounts that influenced me in doing this. His style and the places where he takes pictures of his dolls are amazing! I had a pleasure of meeting him when I was in Barcelona and he was so nice and gracious. 

@mssolabarbie is also a fave, I like her moody lightning and different ways of presenting her dolls,  as well as @oh_that_80s_boy - all 80s look and stop animation and lastly @oneof88 and yours of course! LOL I like your outdoors shoots. I follow a lot of dolly accounts really. 

Shasha: Wow, I am so flattered to be one of your faves, Jake. Like yours, my outdoor shoots are nothing but only making use of what I got. My white wall is my neighbor’s rustic gate post, of which I love the effect of so much. I also love @edelmo and @mssolabarbie with their distinct style on their feed. I will check out your other favorites because for sure they are awesome, too!

If there’s something you think you ever need to improve on your feed, what would they be and why.

Jake: I just mentioned about outdoor shoots. I would love to take my dolls outside more but usually I get really conscious of me and my dolls. I really don’t know why, so I should work on that. Plus maybe it’s so hot in Dubai now and staying outdoors is impossible. 

Shasha: If Mattel is going to knock on your door today and ask you to style one doll that they will be releasing in the market soon, how do you imagine her to be?

Jake: Oh, wow! That would be a dream come true! Hmm.. nothing fancy but maybe something more contemporary, with lots of basic pieces of clothing that people can mix and match. Maybe I’d do something like a model’s outfit when she’s off to go to castings or something like basics.

Okay, before we end this interview, 
let me shoot Jake one-word questions and answers of sorts, 
but not really LOL!

First doll - Peaches and Cream Barbie

Favorite doll mold/sculpt - Lara sculpt

Straight-looking or side-glancing - side glance

Blonde, brunette, raven-haired, redhead – Brunette

 Smiling, Smizing or RBF (resting bitch face common in IT dolls) doll – Closed-mouth smiling

Fave articulated doll body - Model Muse articulated body with Baby Jazz pointed hands

Fashion style – laid-back, relaxed

Fashion era - 90s

Greatest fashion icon - Audrey Hepburn

Favorite tool for styling – a comb, dress pins and hair clips 
(wow, that is more than one but it shows how you enjoy the hair styling part, Jake!)

So, there you go guys! 

I hope you enjoyed that interview because I am so blown away by all the tips Jake generously shared with us and the interesting facts sprinkled in between.

Thanks so much again, Jake
for the time answering my interview questions.
I love your honest, matter-of-fact answers
and that your passion really shows in this personal venture of yours.

More power to you and we can't wait what you're up to next!

dolly hugs,

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Is there a best time for Play time? Part 2/3

Hi dollies!
Welcome to our second installment of the topic series, Playtime.
In Part 1, our dolly friends described their own fun way of spending time with their dolls.
We found out that Photography, Styling or Dressing Up, then Dolly Crafting 
among others come close to being the most enjoyable activities during playtime.
And of course, we are reminded that dolly time is a great stress-reliever!

Again, I'm sending huge warm hugs and kisses to our dolly friends
who contributed in this article.

RobertDiademaKenyajSarie, Jelyn
EdelMarcelaBarry ...

-- my dolly world won't be as fabulous without our friendship!
Thank you very much from the bottom of my doll-loving heart!

For this post, we will focus on time management - dolly style!
Being adult doll collectors with bills to pay, 
most of us can only do playtime during our free hours.

These pockets of precious time are usually stolen from our daily routine, 
either to relax our minds and bodies after a long day at work, 
or to jazz up our day between mundane tasks.

Scheduling playtime during weekends also works for our dolly friends 
as some playtime activities beg for longer time than just weekday lunch breaks.

Managing dolly playtime still boils down to each of our lifestyle choices
but do read further to get an idea how our dolly friends do it 
so that their doll collection still gets the attention it deserves.

Free Time is Dolly Playtime

“I’m terribly busy with my work”, says Edel. 
“(I play during my) free time mainly, and during dolly meets in town.“

A photo posted by @edelmo on
Edel's Poppy Parker is out and about

Kenya confesses to only playing when she has free time. 
“It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find time lately, 
but I’m hoping my schedule will ease up over the coming months.”

Javi also only spends time with dolls during his free time, 
because “I work too hard… “, he says. =D

Vana frees up her time when the need arises. 
Real life, that means job, family and friends so as housekeeping come first 
but when a parcel of new dolly clothes arrives, “the housekeeping has to wait.” =D

Vana's gorgeous male doll wearing her own handmade sweater

“No scheduled playtime for me,” says Diadema.
“I just enjoy the company of my dolls whenever I feel like to. 
But my typical playtime would be at night after work.”

Diadema's Aria chilling after a long day at work

 “With my busy schedule at work, and for family and friends, 
I do not make or set time for my playtime. “ Melan tells. 
“But I make sure that at least once a week 
I get to at least remove one of them from their box.”

jSarie doesn’t schedule playtime, but it tends to happen over lunch hour during the week 
(one of the benefits of working from home). 
“I usually manage to fit in at least one session each week.”

One of jSarie's BJDs hiking along the Bruce Trail on the Niagara Escarpment

Weekends are the best Play days

“Scheduling is definitely important because there are other things
you need to attend to within the week. “ says Robert. 
“But I make it a point to at least look and touch them 
whenever I'm too busy with work and don't have time for a photo shoot.”

Robert mostly does his shoots during the weekend, at around 4 in the afternoon. 
“They are sort of my stress relievers and also my chance to practice photography.”

Nocturnal Glow Veronique
Robert's Veronique looking glamorously casual

Vana confirms mostly having the time to play during the weekends.

“Typically, I play on weekends, especially Sundays. 
These are the days when I am not busy, “says Jelyn.

When Debbie schedules any doll time, it is also usually for the weekends, 
which are her days off of her full-time job. 
“Usually during the week, I have very little time or motivation 
to do anything doll related other than the daily social media networking 
with other collectors.”`

Debbie's girl and her atelierniSHASHA haul
“Saturday morning is usually when I write, but if I am motivated, 
I will write in the afternoons during weekdays. 
Doll restorations are usually devoted to weekends as well 
when I have more free time,” adds Debbie.

Barry's main ladies

Barry also uses up his rest days (off-work days) from Sunday night 
through Monday for his dolly playtime.

But every little bit during weekdays, too…

A photo posted by @aneky43251 on
Kenya's Kyori having a nail polish situation

Kenya plays on weekends mostly, as well. 
“But if I’m working on a photo I’m really excited about, 
I’ll try to do a little here and there during the week, 
especially if the setup involves a lot of accessories.”

Javi used to play with his dolls many times during the week, 
but he admits to enjoying it the most during Sundays, 
when he has longer time for the activity.
Visiting Bauer Palace with Marta.
Javi's lovely Skipper, who he rerooted and repainted himself

Likewise for Edel, as he also tries to do something doll-related daily, 
but playtime for him is more of a weekend thing.

Marcela does a little bit of both. 
“I love my dolls, and designing for them is my lifetime dream, 
so I make as much time as I can to make my dream come true. “

A photo posted by Marcela G (@kotoricouture) on
Fun, friendly pillow fight over at Marcela's

Bubbles has two little girls who take up most of her time 
aside from her part-time job. 
“As of late, however, I realized I need some time for myself to keep my sanity. 
Thus, I resolved to carve out an hour everyday 
(whether it is early in the morning or in the middle of the day 
when my baby is taking a nap or late at night) 
to attend to my dolly world.”

Bubbles adds, “So far since January, 
I have been able to stick to taking an hour or two (if I am lucky) 
everyday to do dolly stuff.”

A gorgeous one from Bubbles' Poppy collection

This has become doable for Bubbles 
since through her constant paying of attention to her dolls, 
she became more efficient in her photography thus less time is required for the process.

When the mood hits Terri, 
like literally she can be sitting on the couch 
and an idea will just pop into her head, off she goes to the dollhouse.

A photo posted by Tee Baker (@baker.tee) on
#onedollsock probably was Terri's spur of the moment on this one

 “I don't have a particular day for it.” says jSarie. 
“It's all about how much free time I have. “

Melan, also has no specific day, 
but when he takes out the dolls for a photo shoot, he does it in the morning. 
“For me, it’s the best time of the day to have a good quality natural light.”

Melan showcases Isha's beautiful tan via natural lighting

For Jelyn, finding time for playtime is quite hard 
so when she goes on vacations or family outings, 
she brings them for photo shoots.

Where Jelyn's family goes to chill, her dolls join the thrill...

Other than that, when she has a free weekend 
or when school is just too stressful and she thinks she needed a break, 
that's when life calls for a playtime.

I, too, even if I get the luxury to “play” with my dolls every day, 
most of these times are basically work. 
Even photo shoots during family vacations are sometimes business-related! 
But I make it a point that whenever I prep them up for a shoot, 
or try on an outfit I just finished, 
or put them in a decorated diorama box for a mini shoot, 
I enjoy every moment. 

I make sure that I look at their faces intently 
and often times, I get to appreciate them more. 
I would then be smitten, and that to me is playtime.

One of my mesmerizing ladies at the atelier, Kei
Also I make sure they look great in the clothes they are fitting, 
and just marveling at how they looked fabulous in those clothes, 
that to me is just pure fun play. 

The dolls can just be so mesmerizing, that you do not realize time passing by. 
As Jelyn puts it, “You touch one doll (even just to fix it), 
suddenly you find yourself playing with its hair, 
then you change its clothes and so on.”

I guess it’s genuinely playtime when you let loose in the activity. 
Whether you schedule or not, 
the most important thing is you are having a blast with your doll collection. 
I guess that is what we are trying to achiever here, right guys?

Again, thank you so so much to our dolly friends 
who were so kind enough to take some time off their playtime 
just to give us their opinion about this topic. 

Next week, we are to wrap up this Playtime series finally.

Thank you so much for making it down to this part, 
I hope you enjoyed the post and I'm looking forward to seeing on the topic finale!