Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Creative Collectors of the Month - Kotori Couture (Part 1)

Hi dollies! 
It’s time for another feature of my favorite Creative Doll Collectors of the Month! 
For August, I have chosen a couple of creatives that I love so much 
because not only are they so talented,
they are such lovely people
and we seem to love almost the same things!

A little background on the format of this post:
This interview is sort of an experiment 
to make it more of a collaborative type, and more fun! 

The interviewees shared their beautiful experiences by lending their voices 
that I actually enjoyed listening to over and over again!

Guys, before I spoil the wonderful interview, please welcome, 

Marcela and Jojo 

Joane and Marcela, the two halves of Kotori Couture

Check out the videos to know more about these gals...

These two are super cool, yes?

I really enjoyed chatting and listening to these girls
as they let you in to their worlds
and let you understand how they came up
with such well-researched, carefully curated pieces.

And because of such wonderfully inspired creations
crafted from their own experiences to their fantasy worlds
revolving around their resident muses,
each collection is a work of art.

I'm not really good at describing art
with art terms because I was never art-schooled or anything
but I feel that their work is very authentic and
full of passion.

That to me is art tee hee!

So I hope you enjoyed the first part of the interview.
We still have a few things to talk about in the second part
so I hope you come back again sometime within the week.

But, wait! Don't go yet...

To know about these talented ladies, please check out
Kotori Couture creations through their sites:


  1. Thank you so much for hearing us out, dear Shasha! This interview was so much fun! I can't wait to see part 2, and to interview you too!

    1. Yey, I'm so glad you enjoyed it too, dear... Yup, I'm excited for the part 2, too... and for my interview, oh my... hahahhah


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