Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Restocking some favorite denim staples

Hi dollies!

It's been a month of denim craze over at the atelier
and finally they're ready.

This post is gonna be photo-massive, so I hope you enjoy them...

The FR-sized Button-down denim shirt in its new faded version

Luna modeling the medium-length for 11.5-inch dolls like Barbie MtM, Poppy Parker, and others

the original denim shirt in Barbie/Poppy size

The classic skinny jeans, this time with a cuff...

Tamica rocking the version for Barbie and Poppy

newest versions of the faded and distressed denim shorts

the accidental fade level that I loved so much it made its way to the shirts, too!

The faded and distressed shorts, in its nth version =) Loved just the same ;)

That's it for now, lovelies!

Thanks for dropping by and chat with you soon!



  1. You have outdone yourself! They are all awesome!

    1. Awww thank you so so much, grandmommy... I strive to do that, as well as make other doll friends happy, every single day...

  2. What so beautiful clothes !! I love denim shirts and skinny jeans, you are really very gifted Shasha.
    Congratulations once again :-)

    1. Hi Guyloup... Thanks so much, dear... Love love your photos of Solene, by the way!! I wish I could do backgrounds like you did! Much easier for lazy days when I don't have the willpower to do outdoor shots LOLz


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