Friday, November 4, 2016

Hannari's Curly Long Bob: A short how-to hairstyle post

Hi guys!

[This post was edited because I had this drafted months ago and some things mentioned around it may not be that updated anymore... So sorry to only publish today. I had been on a restocking frenzy at the shop because once December comes, it's gonna get crazy at the post office and I do not wish for my parcels to be in a frenzied mode during that period. Crossing fingers there...]

So, what better way to kiss and make up, than to share another how-to with you guys. And this one has already been on my to-do list since forever. I have always wanted to share how I did Hannari's hair since the feedback was so positive!

Hannari and her locks

In another angle and setting

and after a few months...

So you see that the 'do could last a good few months.
Pretty low-maintenance, eh?

I didn't invent this one.
I just practically copied a certain process of doing an afro hair on a doll.
I followed how Toni Daley did it to her doll in this Youtube video
she posted more than four years ago:

I followed everything except I made my twists just a little more loose for Hannari.
She recommended we use 2-3 inch-long tube cleaners, like the one below.

I wasn't able take a photo of Hannari in this stage, so Luna demo-ed this one instead

Yey, had a photo of Hanari all "twisted up" =D

Twisted hair sections intact, before the boiling water treatment.

And naturally, I forgot to take a photo of the boiling water dip stage.
But I'm pretty sure most of you already have an idea how this is done ;)
Some photos here, and this, for reference, just in case.

Then, I left Hannari's damp, secured hair dry up overnight.

The morning after is for taking out the twists one by one...

This one calls for a haircut =)

All that snipped hair to carve out Hannari's hair

I was thinking so hard minutes ago what that big fat needle was for.

Putting in some watered-down hair setting lotion

Cozy-ed up for a few more hours to keep the volume ;)

Darn, I still can't remember that the needle was for.
I guess to take some strands neatly without scrambling the other stands with my fat fingers?
I remember seeing hairstylists do this with their pointy-end combs.
But who knows?
When I do remember, I will get you guys updated.

So yeah, it's pretty much simple.
I couldn't be happier with this feisty hairdo.

Try it sometime, and you'll how much attitude it can give to your

Thanks for getting through here!