Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Holidays, Dolly Friends!

Happy Holidays, my dear doll friends!

Whew, it's been a whirlwind around here, not because I was drowning myself with doll clothes to make but execute a small challenge to myself - 
finish a portion of my new doll shelf,
which is the patio,
and where the girls will spend their Christmas day lunch get together!

So yeah, I think I did most of what I plan to do, but I was happier to have taken these photos today.

I hope you like it,
and I wish that you have a joyous time with family and friends
during the holidays.

Thanks so much for being with me all through out 2016, guys
and I look forward to hanging out with you next year,
and in the many years to come!

I will have a blog post on how I did this patio, 
although as I always I wasn't able to take photos of all the steps.
But I'm sure you'll get the idea.

In the mean time, 
here are the photos I took of the new patio.

Lola, she came to the patio earliest so she deserves to be in the cover ;)

The usual munchies

Missing Tamica and Bree who are currently out of town

Chit chat...

Besties Ella and Lola

Never ending girl talk





and of course, Lola... I think she looks stunning in this photo ">

And by the way, guys...

I have a small present to those who enjoy coloring books!

If you follow my other Instagram account @shashadreams
you probably have an idea that I draw and paint for fun.

I thought that I could make a small project out of the things I've made recently, so I compiled all the fashion sketches I did on almost a daily basis for everyone to enjoy.

Please check out my blog for details on how to download the coloring booklet:

I hope you like it, too guys!

And again, Merry Christmas and a Fruitful New Year to us all!



  1. The patio looks beautiful Shasha! Such a sweet thing to create the coloring book and offer it as a download. You're the best.

    BTW, I think Shefali misses Tamica. She might want to come live here, too.


    1. Thanks so much, Debbie... I like sharing my stuff, also, I wasn't anymore getting regular income so this year, my Christmas gifts to the little girls in my life will have to come from my time, instead... Instead of heading to the mall, I drew everyday, and compiled, printed then made copies to distribute as gifts... For you little big girls, a download would be perfect ;)

      Awwww.. Shefali is currently enjoying her stay over the atelier, but who knows, right?

      Wishing for a more prosperous 2017 to you, dear!

  2. Love that patio and the pictures are wonderful. They look almost real. Hope you and the family had a wonderful holiday.

    1. Thanks so so much, Vanessa... I love how the LED light looked like real sunlight, or something, too... Yes, thank you... we had a mini vacation this year and it's been a great holidays season for us, too! I wish you had one, too!

      More awesome projects and joys with them this 2017 to you, Vanessa! <3

  3. The brick wall looks amazing!
    So are your coloring pages!

    1. Thanks so much, Oly --- glad you liked them! I hope you could try those coloring pages, too, dear <3

      Wishing you a fantastic new year!

  4. Such a cute dio. It seems like you are right there with the ladies as they enjoy each other's company.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Oh, yes, I feel like I was sitting there with them, Brins! And hey, you were with them, too! See the feast they have? THey're your gifts for me along with my giveaway winning!

      Have a great new year to you, too, dear...


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