Sunday, March 19, 2017

atelierniSHASHA How-to: Basic Doll Pants

As some of you know from my daily updates over at Instagram. Recently, I shared with you my sloper making how-to. I am so happy to receive our dear friend Vanessa's feedback on the video as apparently, it shows that I am a beginner in this department. Thanks, Vanessa for the helpful comments and right away, I applied them to my new videos. I added captions to what I am showing. I, however, removed my voice overs because no matter how I try to -make my voice loud without sounding like I'm screaming, my little earphone (bundled free with the phone I am using) just wouldn't take in enough sound. I thought, someday, when I can purchase better equipment, I will be adding voice into the videos. For now, captions hopefully will do.

So yeah, I did make new videos, and here I am sharing with you a series I started on making doll pants. I am not yet done with all the intended videos in the series so I can only share the three that's already up in my YouTube channel.

As always, I am hoping you could provide feedback to these videos so I can make better ones in the future and be able to contribute my knowledge to the doll community. 

Thanks, guys!. I wish you a restful weekend and I hope to chat with you soon!



  1. These are 3 excellent videos, thank you very much :-)
    I prefer videos with text because I never put sound on my computer, so obviously I prefer text rather than oral descriptions.

    1. Thanks so much, dear! Yeah, captions I think are the better, especially that I am not a native English speaker ;) Also, if we put both voice over and text, it just might overwhelm the learner... What do you think?

    2. I think the text is sufficient, because it is very understandable ... I am not pefect English language too (I live on the Canada-USA border, but born in France), and if I have no problems reading and writing English, I have a lot more trouble understanding when people speak (be it US side or Canadian side, my ears are struggling to "decrypt" when people speak fast !!). Then I think that if you want as many people as possible to use your videos, it is better with the texts, so people from all countries will be able to read and understand quietly, because, nowadays, everyone is able to read a minimum of English.
      Big hugs :-)


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