Sunday, March 12, 2017

atelierniSHASHA How-to: Basic Sloper Pattern

Hey hey dollies!

I am sharing with you this how-to video I made on making a basic sloper for our dolls. I think the sloper or block pattern is one of the most important tool in a doll fashion designer's arsenal, or to the doll collector/hobbyist who wants to make clothes for his/her girls.

I have been making slopers for my girls for as long as I can remember, and tweaking them for the different styles I have made over the years. I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to know such simple yet indispensable skill.

Here's the video now, and it's the entire process from marking the doll to coming up with a sewn sloper that's pretty much a dress already. I recommend adjusting your sloper to the fit you want - I adjust mine too many times because I am most of the time the perfectionist ;D

I hope you get something from this video. I would also love it if you give me some feedback so that I can improve on my newfound fun skill of making/editing videos. I am planning to add more to this basic pattern series, as well as other how-to's that will make our doll collecting lives more lovelier.

Chat with you soon, lovelies!



  1. Hi Shasha. I wanted to offer some feedback. The video is good, but I could barely hear what you were saying at the beginning and end. I have been making slopers for about 15 yrs, so I didn't have any trouble following the video. However, I think it would be helpful to have captions throughout explaining what you are doing. If I had never made a sloper before, I would be wondering what you were trying to accomplish along the way. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Vanessa... Thank you so so much for your feedback, dear. I agree with everything you said, and I am so excited to apply these lessons to my next video. It really helps a lot especially for a newbie video editor; I truly appreciate your feedback. Thank you again so much, dear. xoxo...

  2. A big thank you Shasha, this good video will help a lot of people.

    1. Awww Thank you so so much, Guyloup... I hope so too, but I will try to improve my video editing skills some more ;)


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