Thursday, March 2, 2017


Hi guys...

It's been a while, eh? My posts lately have been just quickie reports about what I have been working on, and not much about the process. I missed talking to you, honestly. Truthfully, however, my mind had been on a constant whirlwind - deciding and committing on one thing for a week, then before that week ends, I change the whole setup to make way for another system or strategy for my little business. This had been going on since the start of the year.

I thought that I got it all figured out by the end of 2016. I thought that I had perfected my strategy. I thought I knew what to do, to sustain this craft as I try to balance everything important in my life.

But every week, I seem to change my mind on something. One week, I want to try doing more of this segment of my work, to make way for another. After that week, I decided to switch up their proportions, in terms of quantity. Then the week after that, I realized it's not the best approach if I want to continue being a home-based artisan, earning just the right amount to live a simpler, much peaceful, happy life. Then another week presented a new strategy. The cycle went on and on, and I am not sure when this will end.

I believe all small business owners experience this stage in their climb to freedom. When you run your own business, you have to be both your own visionary, who thinks more on the right side of the brain, and your own worker - the left-brained, detail-loving doer. It helps that I get to talk to my husband every morning to sort my thoughts out, but as we present different new ideas to each every day, I tend to want to try each new idea and test if it could work on my little craft business. And although it helps me refine my goals and strategies, my hands cannot catch up. It can really be frustrating, often times.

You know I don't talk a lot here about the nitty gritty of my business because you guys are mostly collectors who just want to have fun with your collection by being creative about it. I don't want to burden you with my everyday challenges as a business owner, all the while trying to be creative with my little doll collection. But I guess, for one time, I'll air out that side of my world. Especially now that I have been sort of MIA ;P

I am now working on my nth strategy. When I say strategy, I would particularly mean how I go about my week, how I should be productive about it. It's not yet complete, but I hope to sort out my mind soon so that I can apply it and know if it works. It's gonna be a whole day of dot-connecting, and I hope you would understand if I seem to be detached to my blog recently.

I love to chitchat here with you, guys because I know that we have this much connection. I want to continue blogging, and to honestly, I wanted to talk like this, too, even if I know it would not be as amusing as my pretty project posts.

Whew... I just gotta let that out and I hope you don't mind. I feel lighter now, and ready to continue with my planning/strategizing here. Thank you and sorry....

Til next time, my loves!



  1. I love your creations! Whenever you grace us with your creativity it is a pleasure. So

    1. THanks so much, Georgia Girl... I will continue to strive to be creative to inspire us all <3

  2. From one small business owner to another, I completely understand. I also think it's fine to vent on your own blog at times, because sometimes putting those thoughts down, really helps to free you up to make progress. Sometimes a blog can seem like a hindrance to the time necessary to run a small business. It's really just a balancing act. I think fellow bloggers will understand your short term absence. Take your time. We love your creations and your blog posts.....and we understand.

    1. Thank you so so much, Vanessa. I realized that I shouldn't be limiting myself with what I would post here since this is my blog anyway. If there's a certain challenge that I am going through and I share it with you guys here, maybe you can help me solve the issue, right? I'll start doing that now. Thanks so much again!


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