Saturday, April 8, 2017

An outfit to cool down the summer heat...

April is here! And in my country, it's the hottest month of the year. My work area is melting especially in the afternoon at 33°C or about 92°F. The only natural light source of a window faces the western sun and I rely on my dark chocolate curtain for protection. But all is well, and I'm not complaining ;) Instead, I'll make comfy outfits for our dolls, in colors that are cooling to the eye and invigorating too!

I'm talking about this ensemble I came up with a week or so ago. Had my newest gal Tamica (version 3.0) model it because I think she equals the fresh feeling this outfit combo brings.

Without further ado, here are some photos of Tamica V3.0 in the Hannari flowy top and white fringe shorts. Enjoy, you guys!

So happy to have thought of making top versions of the Hannari maxi ;)

Styling with just simple white sneakers and sunnies, as well as canvas tote ;)

Lovin' Tamica V3.0's repaint

I'm seeing improvements in my repaint ventures, yay!

These shorts are an old favorite and bestseller, so it's just fitting that they be restocked ;)

My favorite overhead angle ;)

How I wish I could sport such a refreshing outfit haha!

I hope you liked the photos, guys!
Some parts of the world may still be cold this time, so I apologize for sort of whining about the heat, while probably some of you guys would trade a day for such.
I hope these photos will inspire you for your upcoming warm weather.

Til next post, my lovely dollies!



  1. Very cute! Your Tamica is also very cute. I wish I could do repaints. I did do a recent arm swap for a Skipper body though. I keep trying new things. I have enough spare doll heads that maybe I will try my hand at repainting. Haha!

    1. Awww, glad you like her, Phyllis! Oh I did wish I could make repaints, too --- and I finally made it happen! I'm sure someday you'll have the courage to pick up your art materials and start it! It's so much fun, and the idea that your own collection are ooaks is so rewarding! Try it soon, dear...

  2. Both your doll her her outfit look great!

    1. Thank you, grandmommy! I am so inspired to do more repaints!

  3. Your repaint is wonderful! I can she the improvements, too. Keep up the great work. Love the cute outfit and the styling is perfect.

    We had pretty bad weather for a couple of weeks, but this is a warm week for us. We are about 15 deg cooler than your 92 deg. Stay hydrated!

    1. Thanks so much, Vanessa... Yes, the improvements was mostly because of a better brush, this time I used a rigger size 0, I believe. I am so happy to have invested in this very useful too. I am planning to do more repaints with this brush, but I believe I also need to try a smaller brush, the spotter. I saw a repaint artist use it and her works are just fascinating!

      Thanks so much - it is indeed necessary to drink water often here. I always have a water bottle near my work area ;) Your weather sounds lovely!

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