Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dolls are Works of Art

Why do we love our dolls?
Why have as much as we can stuff our rooms with?
Why collect these beautiful dolls?

Lola, version 2.0
This thought had been plaguing me for days now.
I have always been a doll lover but never had I questioned myself in such a fashion.
My dolls had been my source of inspiration.
They have always made me creative, imaginative, free.
And all that was enough to explain why I don't stop buying dolls, until recently.
So I tried to examine my thoughts.
Could there be more reason out there?


What draws me to a doll?
Her face, primarily, I guess?

Bree Version 1.0, now living THE life in Spain

Indeed it's the face, almost all the time.
Her bright eyes stare at me, as if she was saying something.
And even when she doesn't look at me, she gives me this feeling that we have a connection;
a feeling that we must not be apart from now on.
She had to be with me, for as long she can.


And why do I feel like I have some kind of responsibility to take care of her?
Why do I feel like she needs my care?
Why do I feel like she needs me, and only me?
Why does it feel like she's my long lost child?

Tamica V1.0, now residing at Debbie's wonderful house

And so we give in to all that feeling.
We go home together.


Then at home, we gaze into each other intently once more.
Not because we question the mutual agreement earlier;
but most probably to find out the other wonderful things about each other.


We explore together.
It's a lot of fun, indeed, to be together!
We play like we've never done before.
We only stop when it's time for something rather life-threatening;
like skipping meals, or not having enough rest.

Lola V1.0, now erased...

I'm not ashamed to say that I fall in love with my dolls.
I look at their faces lovingly the way I look at my human loved ones, or my furry loved ones.
But why?
They're just plastics molded and painted to look like tiny humans?

Tamica V2.0

Do they look like people we love? For some, yes.
Mostly however, they are unique combinations of features that read something,
that meant something.

Bree 2.0

I think those lovely faces remind me of the nicer things in my life.

The sincerity of their eyes reminds of my childhood, being cared for by the kindest people I grew up with.

The gentleness in their smile retells of the brief encounters I had with people I didn't even know.

The childish gesture is reminiscent of the exciting experiences with my playmates.
So pure, so true.

Their good looks tell me to always take care of my body. My body is the reason why I experience all this. It has to be healthy for as long as I can take care of it.

Their sometimes mischievous attitude reminds me to have fun, be free, be honest.
They bring me back to those days when I can afford to be the most creative.
Their attitude was once my attitude towards life.

Tamica V3.0

There probably are other things that my little ladies remind me about myself, about my life, about my existence. And this is because, despite them being made of plastic and paint,
they are works of art.
They were designed to evoke emotion.
And emotion is what makes us human.

Have a lovely weekend, dear dollies!


  1. Your dolls are indeed works of art. I so enjoyed reading your thoughts on this. I loved each and everyone of you beautiful creations! That is a talent that eludes me - the ability to give a doll a new face. It is a talent I dearly wish I had. Maybe someday I will own one of your repaint creations!

    1. Oh Phyllis... I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed reading the post. I have been thinking a lot lately, while fulfilling orders. And thank you so much for your kind words. I have read about this thing called Deliberate Practice and it says that with the right focus, the dedication of time for, knowing your weaknesses and work on them until you master each one, as well as immediate feedback, you can be the expert that you want to be in a craft. I want to try this one out with my repaints, too, along my other passions hahaha... All I'm saying is, you can do it too. My intention is to convert all my dolls into OOAKs, which scares me so much but also enchants me. Imagine your own collection are all OOAKs - by you! That is just so awesome, right?

  2. I love this post. I love my dolls for many of the same reasons you cited. They offer serenity when ther is no peace. They make me happy when I am sad. They are silent comforters. I often look around the rooms where they are and say to myself, "I love myself dolls." There is nothing else inanimate that gives me as much pleasure as my dolls.


    1. Thank you so much, Debbie.. What you have added in your comment gives me serenity as well. Hugs and kisses...

  3. All so poetic. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Your creations are lovely. Shefali and Luna especially caught my eye.

    1. Thank you so much, Vanessa... I have always wanted to write like this. Shefali and Luna are surely very special ;)

  4. First, let me say that I love your repaints! Second, I love the way you expressed your personal feelings in this post (lol, you should really win some kind of literary award for this post)! This is a very deep subject for me right now because for the past year I have been downsizing and selling off a lot of my dolls and doll stuff. I've been playing with dolls since I was three years old and I even have some of my original dolls. Dolls have always been my main source of entertainment and creative outlet, but because of the changes I have made with my collection, I have been analyzing why I buy dolls and what collecting means to me. I have to say that you put into words a lot of what I feel about my dolls, but have been afraid to say. For me, my dolls give me a chance to live my life through them, to do things I can't (or shouldn't lol) do in real life and to create a world as I see fit.

    1. Wow, my heart skipped a beat... thank you so much, dear. I have been afraid for a long time too as they always accuse us as weirdos, but who isn't really? Everyone is unique, everyone is weird. Our dolls fill the inevitable voids in our lives and how fortunate of us to have found our way to get through the rough. This is really the reason why I love the doll community. This is the real doll community. I've been acquainted with a few, who seem to have forgotten the very reasons why we all have dolls in our lives. I am so happy to hear all these comments from you guys. Thank you very very much, from the bottom of my doll-loving heart...

  5. I find myself with the same thoughts some times too. I guess it really has to do with having had a happy childhood, where these dolls played a relevant part. I even tried to stop collecting and selling the majority of my dolls, with thoughts of freedom and less materialism...but I just can't. They make me happy and I wonder: life if so short, why can't I be happy with them? It's not like I'm harming someone with that ;)

    1. Thank you for sharing, V...But I'm starting to think further with these thoughts. Did everyone (I mean everyone in the doll community) really have had a happy childhood? What if there were bad parts of it that were somehow neutralized by little acts of kindness from other people, and we want to be reminded by and keep that balance in our lives now by keeping our dolls? Or, in the topic of materialism/minimalism... I don't have a hundred dolls, I have less than 50 but I still think I have too much... Teehee dolly thoughts ;)

  6. We have plenty of room for a long discussion about those dolly thoughts! You're right when you said that not everybody in the doll community must had a happy childhood. In fact, it's when I'm in my lowest mood that I tend to have the impulse of buying dolls. And I'm like you, I too think I have lots of dolls, but I'm sure they're about 70 (including little ones), mainly because I usually sell 3 or 4 to buy a new one XD

    1. I am so happy to finally have the courage and let out my feelings and thoughts about my collecting. I started the blog a little guarded, maybe because I was relatively new to the community, as I just got back to the hobby after stopping in high school haha!

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