Wednesday, April 12, 2017

On finding your strength and truest passions

Hi guys!

As an artist, you don't really realize your style until you finally created a substantial body of work, then reflect on it. Most of the time, you just do what feels right, and try to finish what you have started. In the end, if you continue to be truthful with your instincts and emotions, your body of work is so strong, honest, and feels so rewarding.

Tamica 3.0 in my latest creation

Lately, I realized that my strengths are in designing what is best for a certain fabric.
I also realized that I am not really as much a doll collector as I am a FABRIC collector.
Funny, right? Revelations!

I have more fabric than dolls.
When I go out and pass by shops, I cannot resist to drop by the fabric store.
I enjoy looking at fabrics. There is not a time when I pass by a fabric store and not touch them, smell them, BUY them when they speak to me.

This crop top + high-waist shorts ensemble is perfect for you it-doll!

Most of the time, when I first saw a fabric, I would just fall in love.
Then I think of things to make out of it.
Most designs are a hit, but some are a miss,
commercially I mean, when they have become doll garments.
Designs that aren't very popular are those that I feel I have forced myself into.
Maybe it was a trend.

A much sexier back balances the simple front design

And I realized that I can't really follow trends.
And what feels right is what works.
I have to be always honest with my designs,
but I also need to remind myself to push myself a bit more.
In a way that I don't follow trends.

Ella's take on this new outfit

Because I have always been the happiest when a design was my own combination of all the inspiration I picked from everywhere.
This feeling is just so nice,
and I cannot be in this bliss without your support, friends.

Thank you so much.

Love this fabric to bits!

This Crop Top and High-waist Shorts Set in Keone print for 12in Fashion Dolls
is now available at my Etsy shop ;)


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