Saturday, May 13, 2017

My utilitarian style

Hey ya, lovelies!

I've been down with sinusitis infection for almost a week that some of my to-do items had to be moved a week later. But I'm positive everything's gonna be okay. I'm feeling great now, after a week of antibiotics, lots of rest and love from my family, especially my hubby who was in his most extra sweet self of all our 14 years (engagement plus marriage) together. Life is good and I'm so excited for more new things to unfold, be it challenging or just pure bliss ;) We always grow from a good balance of all these.

So, today really, what I wanted to reflect on is my current style.

Rocky, the latest top I made ;)
After more than 5 years of learning the craft, I became more and more aware of the why's.
Beyond the techniques, there must be story.
After learning the basics, you can't help but think about the compelling reason as to why master a certain skill in the first place.

Loving how the top is so cool to the eye despite Hannari posing under the blazing hot summer sun
I remember as a child very fond of looking at fashion magazines and my seamstress aunts' (two ladies) dress catalogs. If I'm not mistaken, those 80s catalogs were from Hong Kong and Japan, as the models look fair-skinned, and dark-haired. They also had other catalogs that had western models in them. Most of the clothes in those prints are work/office clothes and semi-formal dresses.

My mom always takes our fabrics to either of my aunts' home/workshop. Most of my dresses in childhood were tailor-made for me. That was a cheaper way to wear something nice for an event.
I was always performing back then because I sang.
My first public singing performance was when I was 3.
My dad's profession in his younger years was a club/hotel singer/band member.
But let's get back to the style thing.

Sophia in her usual pensive mood
So I grew up knowing that things can really be done by hand, if with proper skills and perseverance and vision. And especially, that well-tailored clothes are indeed stylish.
I didn't need frothy clothes to make a statement.

As I grew up, I have always just wanted comfortable clothes.
My mother would sometimes dress me with lacy things when I was younger.
Living in a tropical, high-humidity country,
you don't want anything other than your cotton-based basic garb.

When I finally was in my teens, my choice of clothes prevailed.

My style was and still is pretty direct.
Cotton tee and medium-weight shorts and pants.
I sometimes wear a dress, but it has to be super comfy.

So if you've been following me for a while now,
you could pretty much summarize my style to be comfy and utilitarian.
If I use loud prints, I make sure the form of the garment is simple.
If I had a plain solid-colored fabric, I make sure to give it some oomph, but making sure the garment can still be mixed and matched with your other wardrobe staples.

The Rocky top is pretty much a statement top, at least for me.
It's not my usual plain shirt, but I like the tie-dye print, and I think the elastic off-shoulders complement it. Plus, it's in my favorite hue --- navy blue, haha!
Subtle yet very deep. Just as wonderful as my blacks and whites and creams and browns haha!

My style will probably change in a few years, who knows?

Chat with you soon, loves!