Sunday, July 23, 2017

Aimee top and dealing with recent fabulous doll offerings

Hi guys! How have you been? I hope all is well with your collecting ventures and life, in general.

It has been a month since I declared publicly the slowing down of my consuming tendencies, most specifically doll collecting. I know the post might have made others rethink their collecting ways, but most importantly, it must have offended some. If it did, I am so sorry and I didn't mean it to. I am just sharing how my life needs a detour. I just vowed to simply focus more on creating what I want to see, not buy.

Photo grabbed from
Photo grabbed from
Like I said, I am currently suppressing my doll buying tendencies for reasons that I believe will help my life in general. But I can't help but be delighted by the recent offerings from major doll manufactures. They are finally getting the styles some of us just might wholeheartedly pay for!

In particular, I liked the recent Barbie Look dolls - the City Chic wears a style I love to see in my girls. I even was once tempted to add it to my cart. But thankfully, I was able to remind myself that to be able to experience the wonder in my own hands without having to again pay for it, I can just make the outfit out of my existing materials, and repaint/reroot an existing doll, in the same style. I also love the curvy Nighttime Glamour, because I have been wanting to get me an articulated curvy one. The outfit and the style, I can manage to recreate by myself.

Eventually, I just let the excitement die down. If I really, really need these girls in my life, why not create something that will provide the same wonderful feeling, right? After all, it is the feeling that you want, not the material. Just the perfect pep talk for someone who wants to get out of financial rot.

I also was so amazed by the recent Integrity Toys offerings, especially the NU Face series! But of course, these are dolls out of my usual budget, especially now with my detour phase in collecting. I am happy to see these being offered but I may not be as happy having them in my hands (while my bank dented), compared to having a similarly styled/fashioned doll, done by me, without much expense on materials. Like I said, I now know that what I truthfully want to experience in having the doll is that important emotion that reminds me of how precious it is to be alive. That there is an alternative to a simple click of the buy button.

I have been busier than ever lately (thus less blogging, sorry, guys...) now that I have made some of my older items again available in Made to Order terms. I am happy to have designed classic and easy to mix and match pieces that almost never go out of fashion. This means that finally I have the opportunity to use up all those fabrics that have been in my inventory for so long. When it's all cut out, I'm relieved of the burden to think about it, to make it into something, to give time for it.

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And although, I am not yet done with this next fabric, I am happy to have made a new piece in my ocean of older designs. I have been wanting to make a loose summer top, being inspired by fashion bloggers especially Aimee Song of songofstyle fame. I love her no fuss, clean style so when I saw this fabric, I was certain that I'm making the Aimee top ;)

And before I end this post, let me just share with you guys some of my favorite photos of the Aimee top, styled casually with my every trusty distressed denim shorts, and modeled by the equally chic Bree. I think her black hair perfectly complements the black and white print ;)

Prepping for the shoot later

Thank you for dropping by, dolly friends!
Chat with you soon!



  1. Hi Sasha! I have the City Chic doll, and the first one I bought was super wonky, so I got a new one and sent the wonky one back. She's pretty, but I'm quite dissappointed with her, so good for you if you're not getting her.
    I know you're slowing down your doll purchases, but if you got a curvy doll, you could make nice fashions for her to sell in your shop, and personally, I would love that! However, don't get her if you're not feeling it. I'm sure more curvy dolls will come in the future, and there will be the perfect one for you.
    One of those daisy dresses in your pic is mine. My dolls look gorgeous in their new dresses from your shop. It's fantastic quality and, as you said, they look like classic basics.

    See you soon!

    1. Hey hey Lady L... <3 Wow, a wonky one. I wonder why they pass quality control with that. I guess when you're already a big manufacturer, you can do all sorts of things like let wonky products pass QC and make sale for the time being, then just get on with the hassle later with returns. Quite frustrating on the buyer's part, I believe. But yeah, that's a doll collector's life ;D On the curvy gal, I have been waiting for a made to move version of a curvy girl but I'm not even sure if they have it on the pipeline. I love the articulation in Made to Moves so much that I probably will have to wait longer, maybe for nothing haha! I am planning to get an articulated curvy before the year ends because I don't have one yet, and after I complete a project. I have to earn the money first, as well as let go the ones I believe deserved a better space.
      So happy to know you enjoyed the dresses, dear! We expect more photos from you! xoxo!

    2. I'm slowly sharing my pics on Instagram. They're on my blog already ;)

    3. Yes, I've been seeing them, dear and I hope you continue to be having fun sharing your dolly photos there! Thanks again by the way for featuring your girls in my creations! It is always a pleasure to see my little pieces in my doll friends' collections and photos... These simple, little things make me the happiest ;)

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