Thursday, December 7, 2017

Part 2 of Faded and Distressed How-to: now up on YouTube!

Hey doll-lings!

So I'm again super cheery because I was able to sit down and do some editing for my latest how-to video - the final part for the Faded and Distressed Denim shorts one.

I gotta admit that video editing can be tedious at times, especially for someone who is new to it. However, this one wasn't really that boring. In fact, I had fun in general doing it. Maybe because it wasn't too long, and that I already have some kind of template to use. The first video was when I had to decide on fonts and animations to apply, and it was longer, thus more effort (and patience) was needed.

I guess the idea that I have finally started documenting my processes, was something to celebrate for. I have really been wanting to share my process with you guys but I didn't have the courage back then. It was probably because I didn't have the skills to show for, and even the products to be proud about. This time around, I felt like this pair of shorts is something that a doll collector can keep in her doll wardrobe for years because of its classic design and good quality. I can't help but feel confident for this creation of mine.

This won't be a long post; I just wanna update you guys about the second/final part of this shorts process. I hope you visit my channel over at YouTube, like my videos and share to your friends if you like. I would love it if you subscribe and comment, too so that we can open up topics that will be helpful for the doll community as a whole.

Alright... I gotta go now.. Thanks so much for dropping by...


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