Monday, January 1, 2018

Super excited for you, 2018!!! Welcome!!!

OMGEEE!!! It's a brand new year and isn't it exciting, my loves?

First of all, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you who stayed with me, through the good times and the bad. I know I hadn't been communicating enough over here last 2017 and I also know that you understand my situation. That's something I am forever grateful about. A community that accepts and loves you and what you do is basically family - that is what you are to me, guys. Daghang Salamat sa tanan.

Exciting - that's how I am feeling for 2018. I know this is not much of a new feeling to me, as the first time I felt this was new year 2015, when I quit my job and I was so ready to focus on my dolls, fabrics and designs for the first year. This time, it's a different level of excitement. I had some questions answered last year that things have become clearer today.

One of the questions I tried to answer was, do I really want to make how-to videos. The idea started when I felt the need to share my diorama ventures. I felt that my brick wall design was something to share so I made some videos to document my process as I continue to finish the dio project. When I was preparing my videos, came up the question. Do I really want to make how-to videos? The only way to answer this was to continue making them, I thought, and find out if I am having fun or not. I shared my pattern making process, which is something I preach about because making my own pattern gave me the freedom and the capability I want in my craft. Then I realized I enjoy sharing these parts of me, and decided to document my actual processes and share them online. Question answered - I do wanted to share my way, hoping to inspire others in the process.

Another question I asked myself last year was, how much do I love collecting and what are my limitations? I went through a massive self questioning about this because I started my craft and this blog for the love of dolls, and it seems like for years of adding more dolls and fabrics and miniatures into my room, I felt empty. I have too much around but I didn't have the time to enjoy them. I didn't have enough time to look at each of them and appreciate. I then asked myself, am I collecting for the right reasons? My financial health is dwindling, because I probably have been buying too much, and forgetting about the profound reasons. So I took one hard look at my collections - dolls, fabrics, art materials, miniatures. They are such wonderful reminders of the good things in my life, past and present. The people who were kind to me, my old self, my fearless self, the parts of me that I should never forget, and even try to nurture more in my life because somehow they matter more. So my answer to that question was to pause collecting and try to enjoy what I have. Just focus on what I have, not having to buy new things, and just appreciate their existence with me. My pocket is super happy; a wonderful manifestation of this answer.

Lastly, I answered so many questions about myself. My old, suffering version of me had a long list and I had to help out. You probably can tell my MIA days; that was when I curled in a corner but faced my fears. Fortunately, I have a loving husband to cuddle me in times of self-destruction of sorts. I realized so many things that I finally stopped blaming everyone. I accepted my fate and my past, and I felt so much lighter.

Thus, this kind of excitement - the highest level so far! And I am very happy to be prancing my way to this new year. I won't promise to blog often because most of the time, a current question plaguing me will be easily answered as me and hubby have our daily morning coffee together by the garage our house. But I promise to be as open and authentic and brave as this as I am with my craft. I know you will be here with me, and as I am will be, with you. I realized that life is just a series of questions to be answered. The way I used to see was that it was a chain of skills to master, titles to achieve, bank accounts to fatten. Nope. And I'm so much more excited to know this own truth. Who knows what 2018 will bring - but I am so excited to embrace everything. Everything has a reason and with love and acceptance, life is going to be well.

I made a little YouTube video as a tribute to the awesome year that was 2017. Me and the girls are super grateful!

A million hugs to you, my dear and I would like to wholeheartedly extend to you this childish excitement of mine. It's so sweet and true, it's worth sharing with you. Have an even more awesome 2018, dollies!

love lots,