Friday, June 22, 2018

Thank you time: YouTube URL, finally!

Hey dollings ❤️

I just dropped by to thank you for allowing me to finally have a dedicated URL name for my youtube channel. For those who haven't checked yet, I share my process videos here so that not only can I give others ideas on crafting as a whole, but also it's a way for me to document how I made things because I am such a very, very, VERY forgetful person. One of the reasons why I said the other day that I had to make lots of prototypes before finalizing a design is because I always, ALWAYS, forget how I made something. I don't exactly know why this is so, but I kind of have a hint that maybe while I'm doing it, I'm just really one with what's happening, not thinking much at all. It's a good thing for me, but it's not so good for my livelihood, you see. So yeah.. a youtube channel that serves us all, ain't it neat?

Here are some of the videos I made that I hope you find inspiration in.

On Making your Diorama...

On learning the basics like Slopers...

On making your own Staple Doll Garments...

On sharing how I make my Bestsellers...

and some fun videos...

I also intend to add videos of tips on running an online shop because I know a lot of crafters from the doll community would want to sell their creations, too.

I have been getting direct messages and emails but I understand that I cannot sit down and think of all the things that involve the process so I planned to just tackle one topic each time.
The blogpost yesterday was kind of the first to try this.

Alright, so yeah, again, thanks so much for this.
I hope you guys find something useful in my videos and I sure be glad to document my process for everyone to benefit from.

Til our next chat!

Much hugs,

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