How-to: High-waist Curvy Jeans

Welcome to another how-to post, dollings!

Are you ready to make High-waist Curvy Jeans?

This post is a written documentation of my process. If you scroll down to the bottom, you will see all the steps, in text and photos, I have laid out for you guys to refer to, if needed.

I also prepared a YouTube playlist here.

Pleaes check out my process on YouTube ;)

Whichever way you may want to see my process, I hope you have fun making your curvy girls their high-waist skinny jeans ;)

Let's get started ;)

Here are some of the materials and tools I used to make the piece:
-slightly stretchy denim fabric 
(from a plus-sized denim leggings I purchased
 from the mall for this project)
- lining fabric for the pocket (white)
- thread/s ( I used brown orange, white and dark blue here)
- metal snaps
- flathead pins
- nail head
- fast-dry glue
- anti-fray solution and brush
- pencil
- pattern pieces
- handsewing needles
- scissors
- dressmaker's pins
- pin cutter/nipper

Let's start crafting!

1. Trace patterns on the fabric.

2. Put some anti-fray solution on exposed edges. Let dry.

3. Cut your fabric pieces.

Please make sure to add side allowance all around the pocket pieces to get the right shape and size. 

My pocket pieces below may look like the inner sides have no seam allowance but this was because I was tracing the line of the seam allowance already. Sorry for that. 

4. Sew white pocket piece facing the front pant piece.

5. Cut seam allowance just enough to minimize bulk.

6. Fold the white pocket piece over and pin to secure.

7. Back stitch the pocket fold/hem.

8. Do Steps 4 to 7 for the other front pant piece.

9. Fold and hem the back pockets.

10. Secure the pocket piece with a baste before stitching unto the back pant piece.

11. Stitch sides of the back pocket, except for the top.

12. Do Steps 9 to 11 for the other back pant piece.

13. Backstitch the two slanted lines on top of the pockets.

14. Secure together front pant, denim pocket and back pant pieces together with a pin.

15. Stitch together at the sides.

16. Back-stitch on the side seam of the front pant piece just below the pocket.

17. Back-stitch the side seam of the back pant piece from top to bottom.

18. Hem the bottom of the pants.

19. Do Steps 14 to 18 for the other pant assembly.

20. Facing together, stitch the front center of the pant pieces.

21. Cut slits on the curved edges of the front center.

22. Flatten the front center seams.

23. Back-stitch a vertical line on the center front to suggest zipper stitch.

24. Attach the waistband to the waist part of the assembly.

25. Stitch the side ends of the waisbands.

26. Fold the waistband over and secure.

27. Stitch on both top and bottom sides of the waistband.

28. Join the back pant pieces together and stitch the back center halfway through.

29. Stitch the inseams.

30. Flatten the bottom hem seams and secure with a stitch.

31. Sew in your metal snaps at the center back waistband.

32. Glue on flathead pins and nailhead to suggest rivets and button.

And you're done!

Thank you so much for being with me til the end of this post.

I hope you learned some bits from my process of making this
high-waist skinny jeans for curvy dolls.

If I missed something, please let me know by commenting on this post.
I would love to hear your thoughts because I want to improve this new how-to posts that I dish out to you guys. Thanks so much in advance for all your help!

Okies, so I'm off now.
It has been fun! I hope you had fun, too!

Til our next how-to post!


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