How-to: Hoodie Pullover

Hey ya, dollings!

Welcome to this page where I show you how I made this hoodie pullover, handsewn (yes, RIP hands). I never knew until recently that we can make such tiny garments entirely by hand. So glad I tried it!

Here's how I did it...

But wait... If you'd like to see my step by step process in video format, please check out my YouTube playlist here... 

Prepare the following tools and materials:

Stretchy fabric
sewing pattern pieces (you can make your own, or buy from my store here)
thread and needle
bigger needle for inserting string
string ( I used cross-stitching threads)
beads (2 at least)

Let's start crafting!

1. Trace the pattern pieces on the fabric.

2. Cut the traced fabric pieces with enough seam allowance. I usually use about 1/4 inch.

3. Hem the pocket edges.

4. Stitch the pocket to the center bottom of the front panel.

5. Do the shoulder seams.

6. Attach the sleeves unto the assembled back and front panels.

7. Cut about 1 inch x 1.5 inch of fabric to be used as your sleeve cuff.

8.  Fold the sleeve cuff cross-wise, facing wrong sides and attach/sew the 1.5-inch side to each of the sleeve's edges.

8. Seam together the sides of the sleeves down to the torso sides.

9. Secure the seam allowances of the sleeve cuffs for a cleaner look.

10. Cut from your fabric your bottom hem cuff, which is a 1-inch x 5-inch rectangle, and fold lengthwise facing right sides, and stitch together sides.

11. Once sides are sewn together, flip over and fold such that wrong sides face each other, making sure to flatten the seam allowances inside to avoid bulk.

12. Pin to secure the folded assembly to the raw hem of the front and back panels.

13. Stitch bottom cuff to the raw hem. Take note that the band or bottom hem cuff is shorter than the actual total torso width to give it that gathered look, like in the photo below.

14. Take the two hood pieces and stitch together at the curved side.

15. Fold the hood hem and finish edge with a back stitch.

16. At this stage, it is easier to insert the hoodie string and lock with beads.

17. Attach the hood assembly to the raw neckline of the assembled pullover. Pin or baste first if needing support.

18. I usually add a finish stitch nearby to strengthen the assembly...

And you're done!

I will soon add a youtube video somewhere below for more details to help you with.

I am also working on the sewing pattern pdf file for this garment, and it should be downloadable on my Etsy shop soon. I will add the link when it's ready.

I hope you are getting as much help you need from this how to post. And of course, don't get too hung up with the details. Each one of us has their own unique way of doing things. Don't forget, you're not learning if it wasn't fun!



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