How-to: Shift Dress

Hello once again, you guys!

Welcome to yet another how-to post ;)
This time I'm gonna be showing how I made the shift dress below.

I like this simple shift dress a lot because it is one of those super versatile pieces in my dolls' closet.
If you like it, too, then I would recommend making one for your doll.
I have this pattern available at my Etsy shop here.

I also will upload a video version of my process on my Youtube channel 
once I'm done with the editing.
I should have the link here once ready, okies?

For now, let me show you my process (in text and photos)
as to how I make this little dress.


Here are some of the materials and tools I used:
-woven fabric 
(I used this crepe fabric because its print looks perfect for this silhouette)
- fabric glue diluted with little bit of water
- matching thread
- thread for basting, usually of contrasting color
- metal snaps
- pencil/metallic gel pen/any marker suitable for your chosen fabric
- pattern pieces
- scissors
- handsewing needles

Gathered your supplies already? Then, let's get crafting!

1. Lay your pattern pieces on the wrong side of the fabric and trace. 
I use silver/metallic gel pen for the very dark colors of the fabric, and 8B pencil for lighter parts.

2. If your fabric frays easily, try to "seal" the seam edges. 
I use a watered-down solution of a fabric glue and spread on all edges of my pattern pieces using a brush.

3. Let the solution dry completely, then cut the fabric with your preferred seam allowance added.
I use 1/4-inch seam allowance in most of my doll garments.

4. Hem the sleeves.

5. Stitch the shoulder seams.

6. Cut slits into the curvy edges, like the neckline, around the armhole and the side seams.

7. Attach sleeve pieces unto the armholes.

8. Stitch the side seams.

9. Hem around the edges except for the center back. 
You can see that I baste before I stitch instead of pinning.

10. Stitch the center back, except for the slit and snaps area.

11. Carefully remove any basting, flip garment to the right side and press.

12. Sew in your snaps at the upper center back part where we left open.

Voila! Your shift dress is done!

I think anybody who has already tried making doll clothes in the past can easily make this dress.

But if you think my instructions might need some clarification,
just let me know in the comment section below or email me :)

Alright. I hope you get some ideas from this post, dollings.

Til our next how-to post!


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