How-to: Crewneck Tee for Barbie and Fashion Royalty Dolls

Hello, dollings! Welcome to another crafting session with atelierniSHASHA!

I am a tee kind of gal, so it's just fitting that I have tees and tee sewing patterns in my doll clothes shop, right? I bet you are, too? Or at least, your doll of the moment is!

Either way, I am, as I write this, dream of this moment that you are reading this. I have always wanted to share my adventure with like-minded siblings like you, so without further ado, let's start with the procedure.

Oh, by the way, the youtube videos are already up so you might also want to check out the video version of this how-to:

Here are the materials and tools I used in making this tee:

Stretchy fabric (I used a store-bought human-sized tee)
thread and needle/s
permanent glue (watered down)
brush for spreading the solution mentioned above
two sets of metal snaps
and last but not the least...

... sewing pattern pieces (you can make your own or buy from my online store below)



1. Prepare your pattern pieces - print at 100% scale, put plastic tape unto the pieces to strengthen, and then cut.

2. Trace sewing pattern pieces on the fabric. I use an 8B pencil because the smoother the pencil is, the easier it is to mark on stretchy fabric.

3. Seal the edges of your fabric pieces. I use a mix of permanent glue and some water.

4. Make sure the solution has already dried before cutting all the pieces you need for this garment.

5. Sew the shoulder seams.

6. Cut slits into the curves of the arm hole.

7. Cut slits on the sleeve pieces as well.

8. Sew the sleeve pieces unto the arm hole. Baste first if you must.

9. Hem your sleeves.

10. Sew the side seams.

11. Attach the band to the neckline and sew.

12. Baste to secure the edges of the hems and the extra allowance of the neckline band before hemming.

13. Stitch to secure hems.

14. Trim off excess fabric that will just add bulk to the garment.

15. Secure the hem on the sleeves flat to avoid bulking on the arms.

16. Sew in your snaps.

And the crew-neck tee is done!

My girls are loving it!

Tamica pairs it with her fave white fringe shorts...

Hannari likes it with her black washed shorts...
and our Curvy gal loves it, too!

Crew-neck top meets equally versatile Curvy Faded and Distressed Denim shorts...

Welp, that's it for today, loves!

I hope you had fun making this tee.
I sure did!

"See" you on my next how-to post!

Take care...


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