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Hey dollings! Here are some shop FAQs I thought would be helpful for you.

Payment Method

F A Q: What is the payment method in ordering items from your shop?
S H A S H A : As of now, I only accept PAYPAL payments.

Shipping Rates

F A Q: How much do I pay for shipping?
S H A S H A : Please see table below for shipping rates:

* AtelierniShasha ships via Philippine Post's International Registered Mail Services. 
* Shipping fee depends on the total value of the purchase. 
* Shasha, owner of the shop, ships every Wednesday. All shipping details will be communicated to buyers within 24 hours from shipment. 
* Delivery of items typically takes up to at least 2-4 weeks. 
* For any other shipping matters, please communicate with AtelierniShasha accordingly.


F A Q: How do you pack my order?
S H A S H A : Your atelierniSHASHA handmades are neatly placed in a pretty yet sturdy cardboard, which I fold to make it look like a greeting card. I tie up an organza ribbon around it, then place it in a plastic sleeve to avoid getting wet during its journey. Everything then is placed in an envelop, with necessary details handwritten in waterproof ink pen to make sure the package gets to you safely and directly.

Delivery of Ordered Items

F A Q : How soon do you ship my order?
S H A S H A : I ship weekly, usually in the middle of the week when the post office is not as crowded. So if you order on or before the Monday of that week, your item will be shipped on Wednesday, the latest. I allot a day or two for packaging because I write little letters to my clients as my way of showing gratitude, and the gel ink from my pen needs longer time to dry. I ship only weekly because I run my shop alone, and most of my time is spent on making my own products.

F A Q : How do we know if our orders have been shipped?
S H A S H A : Your paypal transaction will then have shipping details such as tracking number, once I have shipped your package. I ship via the Philippine Postal Corporation, a government agency that provides international registered shipping services. I regularly track your item's movement via this link:

F A Q : How long does it take for my package to arrive?
S H A S H A : All international orders are mailed via Philippine Post's International Registered Mail Services. It will take about 2-4 weeks for your package to arrive at your mailbox.

F A Q : My package has not arrived after 4 weeks from shipment date, what happened?
S H A S H A : Please be assured that I do my best for your package to be delivered safely to your address by tracking it regularly. I can track most shipments except currently for Canada and Australia. Also, if your package has been randomly chosen by either my country or your country's customs for checking, it will take 1-2 weeks for them to release to delivery. Very rarely do packages under the International Registered Mail Services get lost, but if this happens, after say, more than 3 months from my shipment date, I will gladly refund, but kindly let me know if the mail indeed arrived eventually.

F A Q : The fabric print/pattern of the item you sent is not exactly the same as the one you showed in the photos, why?
S H A S H A : Please note that AtelierniShasha makes handmade items so each item may be different. This sometimes happens when I use fabrics with graphics that don't repeat in a small area in the garment pattern. Items may vary slightly, but should very closely resemble the intended design or photographed sample as the fabrics used are the same. Also, I will let you know beforehand about any difference, subtle or huge. I will only send to you an item you agreed to purchase.

F A Q : I don't like what I received, can I return it to you and get a refund?
S H A S H A : AtelierniShasha refunds an item only if I sent you an item that we have not agreed upon.

F A Q : What's your shop's privacy policy?
S H A S H A : I will never use your buyer data (all of which you provided in PayPal to make the transaction in my shop possible) except for completing your order transaction and for legal purposes such as taxation or as government requires. I keep such legal information for 5 years from payment receipt. Name and address information are used by my government post office only for the purpose of shipping the packages to their addressees.

If you have other questions...

F A Q : How do I contact you for more inquiry?
S H A S H A : Please email me at   

I will add FAQs and answers here and update this page regularly. Thank you so much for taking the time to know my shop process.

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