Sunday, March 10, 2013

Diorama update: Fashion Magazines from Michaela aka summer-sun

The fashion magazines are here!!!

Fashion magazines and freebie Hunger Games book from dolly-friend summer-sun

When I received these cutesies a few days ago, I got totally fired up and started designing my diorama space, finally! How can you not be excited with these pretty little things from summer-sun? Michaela --- the girl behind summer-sun, with the most sophisticated dolly photos in Flickr, not only brings out the best in her dolls, she also makes the most delicious diorama fashion magazines in the dolly-sphere! I got these small wonders in exchange for the Afternoon Stroll outfit I made for her.

I met Michaela in Etsy and we've gone a long way from there. I also did appreciation photo posts of her dolls wearing AtelierniSHASHA stuff here and here and here and here. I know, she probably likes my tiny fashions a lot :) 

Please check out summer-sun's Flickr account. I wonder if those tiny lovely ladies of hers are helping out, too....

til next dolly time!

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