Sunday, February 16, 2014

Client profile series - Anais

Hey hey! How's the weekend, dolly friends?
As always, the atelier is in its uber busy state.
And just when I was about to get back to my studio, Anais popped in!

"Salut!" was all she said after giving me a kiss. Excited like a child, she checks out my new space.
Anais just got back from her very long vacation in France, to spend time with family.
Hailing from Marseille, Southern France, Anais is very comfortable with people of different nationalities. This girl inspires me to brush up on my French, too :)

"Can you make me a dress for that film festival, s'il vous plait, Shasha?", she asks. "Of course, yes.", was my almost automatic reply. How can you say no to a sweet lady like her?
Anais is a theater and indie film actress who also occasionally does campaigns for her friends' charity events. She has also volunteered for the Unicef and has lived in cities my fingers couldn't even count.

As an actor, she promotes her films and occasionally attends premiere nights all over the world. She's been given film awards in the past and never forgets to call me when an upcoming event calls for a comfortable, event-appropriate garb that only she and I understand.

Outfits like the one she's wearing in the photos in this post (I made them for her recently), are a great way to escape the limelight and just be the carefree little girl she is.

"I love your new place... especially the painting on the wall. So dark, so sad..." 
That painting was something I made for an art class back then. It's great that she likes it.
I guess she should. She likes mysterious things.

My mysterious Anais...

So, I guess that's it for this week.

Some of the outfits worn by the lady above are available at my Etsy store, ateliernishasha.
Please head to my Flickr or Facebook accounts for more photos of Anais.
Lastly, have a great weekend. 

And belated HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, friends!



  1. Bonjour Anais! Well Sasha I can tell you are going to have your hands full sewing for this one with her busy schedule. I love the casualness of the outfit she is wearing now. I love your painting, too. You are such a talented artist. The room is coming together quite nicely.

  2. Oh, Vanessa... thanks so much for the kind words, dear. I am still on the outlook for the perfect materials to make my lampshades and room lighting so that I can also shoot at night. Totally excited to fill this room with homey stuff and eventually let all the girls hang out - which I gotta get more creative with the space :) Thanks for dropping by and enjoy the rest of your weekend...

  3. Anais looks great! I love how the blue make the outfit pop. Your room looks good too.

    1. Hey Brini ... Thanks for dropping by :) Glad you noticed that because while I was styling her, her "dark nature" started to surround the room with her almost black outfit. Good thing we found that bright blue thang - and shimmery at that, to help us give her something that excites the camera :)

  4. Hello... This is Rudi with R&D Dolls.... you can still order the SWEET FREEDOM Suie.... I have about 10 pcs left.... Don't Miss Out!

    1. Oh geez!!! Rudi, thanks for stopping by and for alerting me! I'm speeding to your store now!!!!


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