Friday, March 21, 2014

Sue the Surfer (and model)... another client profile post

Hey Hey!

It suddenly felt like it's already high time for another "client profile" post. And since it's officially summer (with the heat!!!) here in sunny Philippines, who yah gonna call? My surfer dudette Sue!

I met Sue in December 2011, when a friendly ebay seller thought the tan, blonde gal should be where she was born to be - near the beautiful beaches. Sue and I, oh geez, we simply hit it off on day 1. Perhaps it's our love for nature, the outdoors, and the beach!!!

Sue in sunny Boracay island
Since we get along well, Sue travels with me often. She even met my very old doll Shasha (yes, she was named after me, teehee). Please excuse the semi-nudity, Shasha's 'artistic highlights' and apparent fear for shower (my two younger brothers took over her while I was in the big city 'searching for myself'). I guess some boys aren't just meant to be in the hair and makeup department.

Sue meeting for the first time my oldest doll Shasha , who apparently didn't get to prepare for this shoot :)
Anyways, I know I need to talk about this in another post but can you guys tell what kind of doll Shasha is?
I've been looking around like crazy but perhaps, she was locally made?
Have you seen this girl before?
So, back to Sue. In Dec 2011, I got her to wear an OOAK dress - one of the three garments I handsewn while on Christmas vacation. All proceeds of these three dresses were donated to the Sendong victims. Sue was sooo glad to have had helped in her own special way.

A charity pose
Then one tea time in February 2012, I kind of suggested she straighten her locks.
I thought her already expressive gestures need some toning down via clean tresses.
Boy, was she glad she took my advice! She's been sporting this look since then.

An outfit from the Late Valentine collection

Then I got her again to star in another collection I made the same year. Isn't she just stunning?

Sue in a piece from the Resort 2012 collection
I think I had her model also some of my classic items, but one notable project she had for me was for a client that wanted a Korean girlband-inspired look (of four). 

Sue for a custom set inspired by the Korean K-pop stars, 2NEOne
So there. Sue, my fun-loving, rock'roll and surfer of a chick with a heart of gold.

This summer, she's gonna be somewhere else for a campaign abroad so my out-of-town summer buddy (or buddies for more fun...) could be any of my other fun-loving dollies.
So I hope Sue gets to bring lots of stories when she gets back from her travel.

For now, I'll be enjoying the weekend while trying to decide who among the girls travel with us to another beach destination in the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy the weekend as well :)

I'm excited! Chat with you soon...



  1. Sue looks like a lot of fun! Love those outfits!

  2. She's very cute!

    1. I know right? Hard to ignore her... She has already modeled to death for me for sure...

  3. I remember when Sue modeled those fabulous rock 'n roll fashions.

    Your Shasha is an interesting doll. She reminds me of some of my Hawaiian souvenir dolls. Does she have any manufacturer's marks or a copyright year?

    1. Hmmm... I'm gonna have to check her when I visit home again.. She did have a luau skirt back then... Thanks for the tip on knowing her origins, Deb. I'll let you know soon...

      As for Sue on those girl band outfits, I was thinking of pushing through with a Rockstar mini collection. Hmmmm.. we'll see...


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