Friday, February 27, 2015

The Amy dress design contest closing in a few hours...

Hey ya, dollies!

In about a few hours, atelierniSHASHA
will be closing the Amy dress contest.

Whoa, wait.
I haven't told you yet that the vintage-inspired,
polka-dot dress had a working name of Amy, right?

Okay, so yeah.
I kind of was inspired by the great singer and uber-talented songwriter
Amy Winehouse when I was designing the dress.
We witnessed how she had her many moments of weakness in her life
but no one can deny the uniqueness of her gifts.

So, it got me thinking that if only she was still alive today,
she probably will continue to wear vintage-inspired dresses,
but more mellowed out.

The Amy dress in medium size, modeled by Sabine

Ms. Violet in the large version of the Amy dress
Okay, so as I said, the contest will be closed in a few hours.
In fact, all entries that made it in about three hours at 1pm today PHT
will count as the legible candidates to win her own
handmade, lovingly sewn Amy dress.

So if you're still reading this, just.. continue to finish the remaining details :D
But after that, go get your entry (click here) in soonest
as I will be announcing the winner tomorrow, Saturday
February 28 at 8am GMT.

So good luck to everyone who took part
in this another atelierniSHASHA design contest.
See you again tomorrow!

h u g s ,
s h a s h a


  1. Hey dollies! Contest is now closed. I will be collecting all entries, and call out a few ladies from my atelier to help me find the winning candidate. I appreciate so much you dropping by and sharing your ideas over here.

    Good luck to everyone!

    h u g s ... s h a s h a

  2. Hello from Spain: Fabulous vintage dress. Good luck to the contestants .. We keep in touch

    1. Thank you so much, Marta... I hope you can join next time! Hugs!

  3. Now that's a gorgeous dress. Best wishes for the contestants!

    1. Thanks much, D7ana... It would be fun if we can see your entry for the next contest, too! Hugs!


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