Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2015 Edition - Filipino doll collectors who love atelierniSHASHA

Hey hey, dollies!
It's the middle of the week ~ have you already joined the giveaway?
I urge you to join in for the fun of it. Winning one of the beach bags might just complete your dolly's
summer escapades!

Now for the topic of this post.
I have been meaning to share with you how happy I am to have
added new dolly friends recently here in my own country, sunny Philippines!
I have been making miniatures and sold my creations worldwide since 2011
but it is only this time that I get to be truly appreciated by
my kababayans (Filipino word for countrymen).
Some of them send me personal messages that express
how happy they have been to find my creations.

And for those who've been hanging around my blog
for some time now, you know very well that these reviews and feedback give me inspiration, more energy, keeps me focused yet allows me to still be creative.

So today I will be sharing with you some of their photos,
with their precious dollies wearing my creations.
This probably will be the first of this series so expect to get more of my kababayan's photos here in the future =)
Enjoy, my loves and have a great day ahead...

Let's start with the two photos below, featuring Elise Jolie and Imogen, from Mac A.
Elise models the white fringe shorts, while Imogen rocks the printed sweater.

Up next are photos from Diadema G.
She has a growing collection of DG girls, and growing atelierniSHASHA wardrobe for them, too. =)
The girls are sporting the Chevron maxi dress and the printed sweater.

Then we have this fun, cutesy bunch from Estela L, who likes to collect Momoko and IT girls.
With all the girls in atelierniSHASHA fashion, this feels like one of those shoot days we have at the atelier. =) 

And because Estela's Samantha (Nightshade Kyori) is gorgeous, we're giving her a special mention =)

Then we also have Noreen C. and Nicole H.'s photos below.
Noreen's Dania looks so dainty and ready for the derby in her Amy dress,
while Nicole's chic Raquelle is so ready for summer with her beach bag!

There you go - the first in this Filipino doll collectors' series of some sort =)

I hope you enjoy the photos and I hope to chat with you soon!

s h a s h a

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