Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hannari finally sports that aptly feisty 'do

Finally, I had Hannari in the hairstyle I have always wanted her to have...

Hannari sporting those loose locks

Some of you may have already seen Hannari from in this different hairstyle,
which is pretty much an update from her stock one.
For some reason, I wanted something more feisty for her.

I think it really suits her personality.

Confident, feisty, sexy.

So when I was making my next creation,
a maxi dress, I named it after her.

Hence, the Hannari Maxi Dress

Sigh, she is just so.... sexy...

Belted version...

I also had Ella model the shorter version of the maxi dress,
perfect for petite girls like Poppy Parker, and Barbie Made to Move,
Fashionista, among others.

Ella, styling the maxi in a casual way
I am planning to post how I restyled Hannari's hair.
I am aiming next week.

Also, since this post is a semi-shameless plug
of my latest Etsy creations,
I might as well notify you guys that the longer version,
which Hannari models here,
is currently out of stock.
I am hoping to complete a new batch
(since a few dolly friends have requested it),
in a few days' time.

Okies, I got to get back to the sewing table now.
I hope you are having a great week!
Weekend's coming so I wish you an awesome one, as well.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Creative Doll Collectors of the Month - KoTori Couture (Part 2)

Hi dollies! 

The previous week I've shared with you the first half of this month's

One of KoTori's latest creations for Pre-Fall 2016

In that post are videos where Marcela and Jojo
- the talented women behind this beautiful doll fashion brand - 
and lastly, 

Kotori's favorite mainstay  in one of their latest pieces of the Pre-Fall 2016 collection 

Those videos really inspired me as Jojo and Marcela
wonderfully shared their thoughts and experience with us.

Listening to them inspired me more to create for my dolls.
Marcela and Jojo have said so many beautiful things
about their teamwork,
but the loveliest I've heard was when Marcela said that
it's magical, especially when ideas are in sync while designing,
and that finally they created something even more beautiful
than what each could have thought on their own...
Sigh.. just music to my ears...
and this makes me very grateful to have been given this opportunity
to just listen first hand to these young creatives speak honestly about
themselves and their art.

As we wrap up this two-part interview with KoTori,
the details get even much lovelier.

This last part of the interview talks about


Guys, I totally recommend that you listen to each video
and just get to know this artistic duo even more.

I love their work since the day I first saw their gorgeous
creations, but I love them even more
when I heard their voices, and the honesty
in how they shared their process,
their dreams and inspirations...

I hope you enjoyed this final part of my KoTori Couture interview.
Thanks to Marcela and Jojo for their time and love,
as well as to you for your unending support to my blog.

I hope you like this one and I'm looking forward to hear
what you think about this format/way of interviewing
my fave creative doll collectors.

A beautiful ensemble from KoTori's previous collection...

By the way, if you wanna check out more about this awesome duo,
here are the links to their sites:

KoTori Couture

Enjoy and have a great week ahead, dollies!


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dressing up or down a timeless piece - Bodycon Dress in Gray

Hi dollies!
One of the most versatile pieces I think a dolly wardrobe should include
is the bodycon dress in a neutral shade.

It can be easily dressed up, or down
with the key accessories you have in your closet,
plus it is timeless - it never goes out of style!

Here's how I tried styling the dress for my two girls 
going to totally different places/events,
but wearing the very same dress.

Enjoy the photos, loves!






Til next time, loves!


Friday, August 12, 2016

AtelierniSHASHA tip: How to mark on stretchy fabric

Hey hey dollies!

Tips and Tutorials time!

For today, I'm sharing with those who wish to work on stretchy fabrics 
but are having a hard time marking them. 

Marking a stretchy fabric using a gel pen

I'm using a gel pen in white this time because my rayon knit fabric 
is light colored enough that if a darker gel pen is used, 
the markings might sip through the right side of the fabric which we don't want.

I hope this helps the newbie doll fashion makers and hobbyists, 
and please let me know what you think after you've tried it.

The pen is from the Japanese brand Uni-ball, the Signo series in broad tip and white gel ink.

Alright! That's it for now,
short and sweet =)

Have a creative day, dollies!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Creative Collectors of the Month - Kotori Couture (Part 1)

Hi dollies! 
It’s time for another feature of my favorite Creative Doll Collectors of the Month! 
For August, I have chosen a couple of creatives that I love so much 
because not only are they so talented,
they are such lovely people
and we seem to love almost the same things!

A little background on the format of this post:
This interview is sort of an experiment 
to make it more of a collaborative type, and more fun! 

The interviewees shared their beautiful experiences by lending their voices 
that I actually enjoyed listening to over and over again!

Guys, before I spoil the wonderful interview, please welcome, 

Marcela and Jojo 

Joane and Marcela, the two halves of Kotori Couture

Check out the videos to know more about these gals...

These two are super cool, yes?

I really enjoyed chatting and listening to these girls
as they let you in to their worlds
and let you understand how they came up
with such well-researched, carefully curated pieces.

And because of such wonderfully inspired creations
crafted from their own experiences to their fantasy worlds
revolving around their resident muses,
each collection is a work of art.

I'm not really good at describing art
with art terms because I was never art-schooled or anything
but I feel that their work is very authentic and
full of passion.

That to me is art tee hee!

So I hope you enjoyed the first part of the interview.
We still have a few things to talk about in the second part
so I hope you come back again sometime within the week.

But, wait! Don't go yet...

To know about these talented ladies, please check out
Kotori Couture creations through their sites:

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Little Black Dress called Tamica

Hello dollies!

In between working on my projects, I make sure to stuff the shop with something exciting.
Recently, what excited me most is this little black dress.

You may have seen more photos of this one in the recent post which featured Tamica, my first repaint.
I was so enamored by how she looked lovely in this dress that I just had to make several pieces to share with our dolly friends.
So naturally, I named it after her.

When I was designing this dress, I was already decided on how the top would look like.
I was pretty much inspired by a knit top I once thrifted and wore almost every week to work. It was black so it was so easy to mix and match with my other staple items - I wore it with a pencil skirt, trousers, skinny jeans, even city shorts. I was so in love with it that now that I am working at home without an air conditioner in my workshop, I get excited when it gets colder outside because it means I get to wear again that black knit top - still standing, or shall I say, hanging in my closet - for almost 10 years now.

So going back to the Tamica design, tee hee...

So I had the top designed after my beloved top, and to get that lovely snug fit on the body, I chose my favorite fabric the stretch crepe. I have used this fabric too many times, in my own clothing, and in my dolls'. The drape is elegant, and the texture is just perfect - not too plain, not too elaborate.

Aki in the little black dress called Tamica...

Then I wanted a skirt design to complement the envisioned drape, so I chose a circle type - something I use very often in my designs. I find it lovely to have subtle waves on the garment. It's not that I don't like shirred or gathered skirts. I just find the stretch crepe too heavy for such fabric treatments.

The original length was actually an accident - I didn't intend it to be that short. It's just that I missed the mark I made when I was cutting the skirt part, and that I thought I would just go with it, nonetheless. The length turned out the way I am not too crazy about, so I added 1cm to the new design, which is now used in the pieces I have listed in my Etsy shop.

I really like this dress that I am planning to make midi and maxi versions, even a top only version of it, to commemorate the top I have loved and will continue to wear for a long time since it's still in top shape.

That's it for now, guys. Chat with you again some time!