Sunday, August 21, 2016

Creative Doll Collectors of the Month - KoTori Couture (Part 2)

Hi dollies! 

The previous week I've shared with you the first half of this month's

One of KoTori's latest creations for Pre-Fall 2016

In that post are videos where Marcela and Jojo
- the talented women behind this beautiful doll fashion brand - 
and lastly, 

Kotori's favorite mainstay  in one of their latest pieces of the Pre-Fall 2016 collection 

Those videos really inspired me as Jojo and Marcela
wonderfully shared their thoughts and experience with us.

Listening to them inspired me more to create for my dolls.
Marcela and Jojo have said so many beautiful things
about their teamwork,
but the loveliest I've heard was when Marcela said that
it's magical, especially when ideas are in sync while designing,
and that finally they created something even more beautiful
than what each could have thought on their own...
Sigh.. just music to my ears...
and this makes me very grateful to have been given this opportunity
to just listen first hand to these young creatives speak honestly about
themselves and their art.

As we wrap up this two-part interview with KoTori,
the details get even much lovelier.

This last part of the interview talks about


Guys, I totally recommend that you listen to each video
and just get to know this artistic duo even more.

I love their work since the day I first saw their gorgeous
creations, but I love them even more
when I heard their voices, and the honesty
in how they shared their process,
their dreams and inspirations...

I hope you enjoyed this final part of my KoTori Couture interview.
Thanks to Marcela and Jojo for their time and love,
as well as to you for your unending support to my blog.

I hope you like this one and I'm looking forward to hear
what you think about this format/way of interviewing
my fave creative doll collectors.

A beautiful ensemble from KoTori's previous collection...

By the way, if you wanna check out more about this awesome duo,
here are the links to their sites:

KoTori Couture

Enjoy and have a great week ahead, dollies!



  1. Thank you so much for all the love we've shared doing this, Shanon. It was so amazing, and I'm looking forward to what we may come up with yet. There are no limits to what creative and free people can come up with, right?
    Huge hugs and lots of love,

    1. Marcela darling - it is such an honor to interview both you and Jojo. Yes, me too - there is no limit and even with this interview, I never expected it to be a wonderful as how it had become. Thank you so much for the gift...

  2. I have really enjoyed reading and learning about new collectors. There are so many creative artist there, its amazing.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, too, Brini. and yes, it's true - we just need more platforms like our blogs to feature them =)


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