How-to: Trousers and Trouser Shorts with Top Slanted Functional Pockets

Hey, dollings!

Welcome to this how-to page, wherein I share with you
how I sew my doll trousers and trouser shorts
with top slanted functional pockets.

This instruction page will help you all who have
purchased my trouser patterns such as the following.

Skinny Trousers for Made to Move Barbie dolls

Mid-rise Trousers for FR and NuFace dolls

High-waist Cropped Trousers for FR and NuFace dolls
Barefoot, topless and head-cut model is a Barbie Dancer Made to Move Curvy doll

I love this simple but elegant pair. I had at least three pairs of them over my more than a decade of working in an office environment. They pair well with most of my tops, even with the prints and bright colors. I can't help but add them in my girls' wardrobe.

So here we are, making them in miniature scale, yay!

Oh, by the way, if you'd like, I already have the video version of this tutorial on my Youtube channel.

Click this to go to the video playlist...

Here's the written version now ;)

In this demo, I used the following supplies:

cotton fabric
matching thread
metal snaps
fabric glue (watered down)
pattern pieces
pair of scissors
brush (for spreading glue on fabric)
hand sewing needles
bright-colored thread for basting
dressmaker's pins

Alright, let's start crafting!

1. Trace pattern pieces on the wrong side of the fabric.

2. Spread watered-down fabric glue on all edges of the seams to prevent fraying.

3. Once glue has dried out, cut pattern pieces with your preferred seam allowance.

4. Attach side A pocket to front pant, together facing each other's right side.

5. Flip to the right side of the fabric and baste to temporarily secure.

6. Repeat steps 4 to 5 on the other front pant.

7. Grab one front-pant assembly, matching back pant piece and side B pocket and pin to align and anchor.

8. Stitch the side seams.

9. Seal the pockets.

10. Baste the pocket to the waistline of the front pant to secure.

11. Cut slits into the curvy sides of the seam allowance.

12. Press flat the side seam allowance.

13. Repeat steps 7 to 12 on the other front pant assembly.

14. Stitch the front crotch seam.

15. Cut slits into the curvy edges.

16. Press flat the front crotch seam allowance.

17. Grab the waistband piece of fabric and attach to the waist edge of the assembly.

18. Fold waistband to its wrong side and stitch the side edges.

19. Flip to the right side and pin.

20. Stitch the waistband into the hidden seam.

21. Hem the bottom edges of the pants.

22. Stitch to close halfway through the back crotch.

23. Pin to secure the inseams.

24. Stitch the inseams and cut slits into curvy parts.

25. Press flat inseam allowance and secure to the sides.

26. Flip over and place a set of metal snaps at the back.

27. Do some fitting and you're done!


How was it? Was it a little too complicated?
The process may be quite tedious but for I'm sure you've learned something today ;)

I hope you find this post helpful in your miniature crafting adventures.
Let me know in the comments below what you think, okies?

For now, let me make another outfit and later share with you my process.
So til then, take good care and see you again!


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