Monday, January 16, 2012

AtelierniShasha Mini-Collection for Typhoon Sendong Victims

I know this project came a little late. But I’m very positive that we can still help in our own little ways the victims of the recent typhoon that hit my neighboring cities in Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro City. It was a bit emotional for my hubby's family because although we did not lose a family member, a relative lost their house, while the grand folks lost their little home. I am not very good at these kinds of things as I tend to be very emotional. I avoided TV reports, Facebook updates, and discussions with my family. I even almost cancelled a resort booking. To channel all my energy into something, I just worked my ass off to create this mini-collection of 3 OOAK doll fashions during our family's holiday vacation.

Proceeds of the sales (except for shipping fees) will be donated via The Philippine Red Cross. I will course this through PayPal so we can keep the amount as intact as possible. All three pieces will be listed at my Etsy shop, AtelierniShasha. So now, I present to you, my mini-collection. 


First up is the quirky cocktail dress all hand-sewn by me. I chose Dynamite Girl Aria from the Checkmates collection to model the piece because she is so pretty with her blonde hair, tan, and pink pouty lips. The pastel colors in this black-pink-lavender floral fabric kind of echoes her makeup, while the blackness of it contrasts beautifully with her hair. This listing comes with the dress, and a set of Swarovski jewelry, which includes a choker, pair of earrings, and three (3) bracelets. The dress fits Dynamite Girls, NuFace and Poppy Parker dolls.

The Quirky Cocktail Dress modeled by Sue (Dynamite Girl Aria)

In my second creation, I was totally inspired by Fashion Royalty Natalia Fatale. When I look at her, I imagine a girl walking along a Bahamas town market, on her way to meeting her beau. The beau in mind is my favorite musician, Lenny Kravitz who’s currenly shooting on location his “I belong to you” music video in her very hometown. Oh well, there goes my daydreaming. This listing comes with a short, off-white floral sundress, complete with blings (black necklace, red bracelet and black and red earrings) that match her sultry gaze. The dress fits Fashion Royalty, FR2, Dynamite Girls, NuFace, Poppy Parker dolls, Barbie and other similar-sized dolls.

Off-white Floral Sundress modeled by Sophia (FR Natalia)

Finally, an elegant look that would perfectly be modeled by (Pencil me in) Eugenia. The pink, lace-y jumpsuit comes romanticized by a halter and peplum top, and a black ribbon belt. It’s perfect for a romantic dinner out, and then some (wink, wink). This listing includes the jumpsuit and a pair of Swarovski earrings to wrap up the elegant look. The jumpsuit fits Fashion Royalty, FR2, Dynamite Girls, NuFace, Poppy Parker dolls, Barbie and other similar-sized dolls.

Pink, Lace-y Jumpsuit for Violet (FR Eugenia)
Please check them out here and let’s extend our dolly hands (I’m sure you’ve got more than a pair willing to help from there) to those who need them. Thanks so much…

Dolly hugs,

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  1. Sold the The Quirky Cocktail Dress and tha Off-white Floral Sundress to a Filipino collector :) yay!


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