Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sophia in Bohol, Philippines

So, yeah, it was a series of busy weekends of out-of-towns and sewing in between. Last month, I was in Bohol to attend my old friend's beautiful wedding and dragged Sophia along with me. I was at first debating, and finally I decided with her. Maybe because she is tan, and looks less fussy than the other girls? It was her second time to hop on the plane with me so I guess that's it. I wasn't able to bring along the slr since I was travelling with no check-in luggage, everything I brought along I carry with my own hands, and back, I guess. So enough of my blahs. Here are some photos I've taken but, please be gentle - I used the old point and shoot camera that's been laying around the house for so long :)

delayed flight - an excruciating 4-hour wait

at my cousin Lalai's place in Cebu
Panglao island for background

sneaking in some portrait at the pension house we stayed in
and a hot pose, too...


  1. i love her outfits and the leather bag!!!

  2. Thanks, Tet. That bag was snagged from Monzieur Z Jungle Fever :)


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