Monday, January 7, 2013

Contest Closing - Win your Fave AtelierniSHASHA Dolly Outfit

It's officially January 7, 2013 EST so we are closing the contest with the following dolly friends who made it to the contest:

19 entries made it to the raffle :)
I will be filming my mini-draw within the day, and upload it to AtelierniSHASHA's Youtube account (which currently has not much in there yet - but fear not, I will be adding more videos in the future). 

The winners list will be announced together with the video here in my blog. Be sure to stay tuned as you just might be one of our lucky winners :) 
I wish you guys all the best!



  1. I missed the contest..ARGH. O h well hopefully there will be more contest to come. Good luck to the entrants :O)

  2. Hello from Spain: I hope I'm the lucky one. I will be attentive to the final result. Keep in touch


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