Sunday, May 19, 2013

Artsy gal got some good head on her shoulders...

but no body to rock it with.

I got the poor girl (bust/head only) from a local mall last December 2012 only to be boxed for so long because I couldn't just find a willing body for her. That's right, I have not been seeing this swapping style body around and on ebay lately, and it feels like I could be missing something big. 

Look at that sweet face. Isn't it a shame to keep hiding her from the world? I've already thought of cute dresses that would bring out the best in her and I think I'm already missing a lot if I don't do something about it now.


I gotta be extra mindful next time I visit a mall (which isn't one of my favorite places in the world), or something. I really think she's too pretty to just stay inside the box. What do you guys think?

And oh, I'd like to do a shameless plug (since I remember trying to put Artsy on her friend Cece's body one time). The striped top (modeled by Cece below) is back but only in very limited quantity. I found a piece of that wonderful striped fabric yesterday and I was so excited to list it up on my etsy shop again since a lot of folks had been asking about it.

Again available at my Etsy shop
Also, it has been a fun day because it's my son's 8th birthday today and we went out for some laser tagging and pizza to celebrate. Hope you'll be having great weekends, too. 

That's it for now, folks. Chat with you soon!



  1. Great top. I've always liked striped tops. I'm a little confused. Why haven't you bodied the Artsy head yet? You don't need a swapping styles body. Any body will work. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding what you were saying.

    1. Hey Vanessa.. yeah, I've already thought of getting an entire body for her, not necessarily a swapping style which has this button at the back :) It would probably still be fashionista since her head size relatively fits the (big) hips fashionista bodies have (as compared to skinny model muse...) What do you think?

  2. The top looks so neat and fits so well!

    1. thanks, grandmommy… it‘s made of a nice jersey fabric that hugs the doll body nicely…

  3. Hello from Spain: happy birthday to your son. I I have to Archy and she is very pretty. You have to buy a fashionista body. I really like your shirt. Keep in touch

    1. hey, Marta… thanks for the greetings! my son keeps on saying it‘s his "best bday ever" because we've always celebrated at home until now. it was fun and less exhausting…
      yes, i‘ll be getting a fashionista sooner for Artsy:-)
      thanks again, Marta…


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