Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fashion Poll ... What do you guys think we should make out of these fabrics?

Hey ya!

I've been at my fave local fabric shop last weekend and found a few gems along the way, yay! I was so glad to spot another faux leather material that is soft enough for our dollies. I also giddy when this black sparkly knit caught my attention that I immediately thought would be great for a dressy night gown (it drapes wonderfully). The brown leather-looking braided cord I think will be perfect for my mini Beach-capade collection I will be having soon, too :)

New gems I just discovered: matte faux leather, braided cord, sparkly black knit and some shell disks that I'm sure some of you already know what I use them for...

That beautiful black sparkly thing though, reminded me of an ivory version sitting in my fabric bin for months already!

Ivory sparkly knit showing how it and its black version drape like heaven

So actually, I'm posting today to ask your opinion on what you think are the cutest outfits we can make out of these fabrics teehee...

I know you guys can come up with something so I'm hoping that you can drop in some of your brilliant suggestions :)

Oh, by the way, that black faux leather thing is matte when compared to the one I used for the black Cut-out dress and the purse I sold last year.

From 2012's Late Valentine Collection: the animal-print and leather purse

The Contessa modelling last year's black faux leather cut-out dress
So there you go, guys. It would be so nice to see your ideas in the comments below :)

Chat with you again soon!!!



  1. Hello Shasha, you are very talented in making pretty clothes for Barbie dolls. Your posts are almost like a real fashion show :D

    1. Hey Liduina, so nice of you to drop by and thanks for the kind words :) If you have something in mind for these lovely fabrics, please let me know, okies? Thanks again :)


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